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Some people derive pleasure by hurting you and yet they show others that they are good.

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Some people derive pleasure by hurting you and yet they show others that they are good. 

Someone who hates you and hates you on Face is really good. At least you can keep a distance from them. At least what they do will be seen by everyone else too. At least you can respond to them in their way and have a fair relationship.

Emotional issues, mental health pain arises however from being around people who wear this mask of being kind, good and caring and then behind this mask, they attack you and hurt you and feel happy. You can see they hurt you! You get broken and you see their happiness too. They don’t make many attempts to hide it from you. But somehow no one else can see it! No one believes you. People blame you if you speak. At best they ignore you, thinking that you don’t feel correct about the matter! And that disbelief breaks you further 


The people who feel happy to see you hurt, learn about your soft corners, your weaknesses and then they attack you on these.


Things like

1. Taking away your loved one from you. 

2. Interfering and creating manipulation.

3. Poking and asking you again and again specifically about things that didn’t work out to keep you hurt and under confident.

4. Trying to show you in the form of “sympathy”, how bad your life is!

5. Showing how you are so less than them and yet they like you 

6. Make you see your mistakes that you would have otherwise ignored. 


And in front of others pretending to take care of you, showing how much they care, even tearing up for you, saying they have your best interest in mind!

It can be really painful to be around such people. They make your pain worst, they deprive you of their happiness and feel happy about, making you feel like you are unwanted, unlucky, and now stuck in the wrong place, these 3 feelings together are grounds for hopelessness and depression to set in


It happened to me and I was broken. No one believed me. Everyone including the person I dedicated my world to, thought I was a bad person. 

I wanted to die but thinking of my parents; I joined iwill therapy...

I wanted to somehow overcome depression and these feelings of utter hopelessness to end. 


And they did through IWill herapy. Step by step, first I learned that yes such people damaged me, yes they made me look bad and distant from the ones I loved the most but I couldn’t give them more power to derive pleasure!

She helped me get stronger.

I took up a job. I had fun, I would ignore their hurt and love and be the beat around the person, they were wanting me to take away from!

My new-found confidence would make them feel bad!

My job, my independence would unsettle them 

My happy relationship, my loved ones showering me with love would really irk them. 

And I learned to be respectful yet assertive, learned to focus on myself!


In 3 months in IWIll therapy,

I learned how to be!

Even if they try to bring me down, I don’t give them this power! I cut their supply off. It irks them, makes me look bad, but hey I never looked good to them anyways! 

Thanks, I will for making me keep the power to my happiness with me and take it away from toxic people 


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