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Worst pain is to live with people who have no empathy or feelings for you

S Sharma

A regular nice environment is where when you are happy, everyone feels happy for you. 

When you are sad, in good ways or bad ways people try to talk you out of your sadness. 

When you achieve something, you are celebrated. 

When you fail at something, you are made to believe in yourself. 


But what if you start living with people who do opposite things? Who ensures you don’t do that what makes you happy because their jealousy, control, and insecurity are bigger!

Who create situations that make you feel

Isolated, like a failure, and even lonely!

Who makes you feel like you are not deserving or worthy, and try to tear down every single accomplishment of you!

Who makes you focus on things that you are made of, and make it all look like bad things and weaknesses!


Imagine how would you feel?

If you can’t imagine it yet, I’ll help you see some fraction of pain this brings


You turn into a crying mess. 

You look for support, love, change of hearts but you never get that! 

You are stopped r from spending time with someone you love or want to be with, for control reasons! You feel stifled, helpless but no one listens!

You feel the need to get invisible, with all the blames and lack of understanding, you feel like you shouldn’t exist here! 

You cry day in and day out, sometimes with tears and sometimes without, but you get more attacked, more isolated, more suffering the prejudice and now blamed for RUINING THE ATMOSPHERE TOO!


I was choked. I felt death would be better than to see people who hated me so much, be in an environment that has problem with who I am. 


Depression as I got to experience it, I don’t think many people know what it is. 

I joined IWill therapy, and it was in therapy I got the courage to stand up, to heal, to stop tears only like a victim but be an assertive warrior for self-healing too! 

My loved ones, all of them who cared at some point in time joined therapy and saw my point, I wasn’t being nonadjusting or nonloving. I was being made hollow! I didn’t deserve to be 24*7 in a place like this. This needed to change... my loved one finally could see and stepped in... they helped change the attacks and their frequency and eventually for a job, for a new beginning we moved out of it!

The trauma of it is still there... I still get attacked whenever they get an opportunity to keep a finger on me.. but I assert, their impact is way less on my life now! 

Worst pain in the world, real torture, and hell is when you live with people who don’t feel for you! I am out of that mess. And also still in therapy at IWill because I am not past all that trauma! 

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