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Worst are people who make your good things look bad & manipulate against you

Manushi Khanna

Oh look she wants to spend time with you, she wants to separate you from others and take away the time from your friends too! 

She wants to change things here according to her home. She wants to eliminate our ways and this is not Ok!


She wants to know everything about your life. She wants to control you!

She is always laughing, too childish! 

She is opinionated, she has no respect for me! I feel so bad. 

Oh, she spoke to you like that, whatever she really disrespects you. 

She is still there at her mom’s place. She is taking so long. She only enjoys it there... 


This and more would be said about me!

I was up against people that were working to make my good things look bad... 


The things I stood for, all were painted negatively! 

The love I wanted to give, was compared to being controlling and wanting to dominate!

The love for my parents was twisted to look like I wasn’t a dedicated person to my husband...


It was done so smartly and so regularly, always giving examples of self and others as ideals who did the exact opposite given they were selfless and better fit to be spouses!

I was being attacked for being myself!

I was getting attacked for expecting love!

I was being attacked for my bond with my family 

I never felt worse in my life. I never felt more empty! I never felt more grief and disappointment! 


I joined IWill therapy because of this worst behavior I was up against it. I healed myself, I got and learned to be assertive.

I started having the right communication and not be scared because of how they would make me look for standing up for myself. I didn’t want to be Sati-Savitri because I didn’t want to be depressed or unhappy or being treated subhuman! 

I didn’t want to be their good, destroying every good that I had in my life! 

My partner joined therapy too and could see he was being “almost blind to the real thing”. When he logically looked at this, I was being made to look bad for loving him or thinking he is mine or having an independent relationship with him, which I had! I wasn’t his sister or brothers, I was his partner! For life!

I am out of their torture, that fear of looking bad by being myself finally, all thanks to therapy at the right time that healed me!

But such people really cause the worst pain! How can someone make you look bad for being YOURSELF, being your role! Well, people do that and that’s worst!

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