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Signs you are supporting narcissist in their abuse of someone. Narcissism enabler

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Narcissists are people obsessed with themselves. They don’t have empathy for others and for someone who is their target or who they see as competition, or feel threatened or jealous of, they run havoc in their life!

The worst part is there are people who consider close narcissists as most respected, as someone who is always right and unfortunately these people join the narcissist in abusing others, in breaking others, and in making their life miserable!

Here are some signs that someone is becoming support to the narcissist in his/her abuse!

1. You attack your own loved one for the narcissist

The person you should be loving as they are your own if you attack them just because narcissist wants to settle scores with the person, because of their personal jealousy, it’s a sign you are being a narcissist enabler!


2. You allow the narcissist to go on the attack but stop the person who is being attacked from speaking!

If you are ok in narcissist abusing, saying things that are hurtful to the victim but if at all victim tries to raise the right voice to stop abuse, if you scold them, stop them and block them, this is a big sign that you are being a narcissist enabler and causing someone close to you, a lot of damage! 


3. You ignore and isolate the person because the narcissist wants you to!

So you are ok with ignoring someone you actually initially liked spending time with! Their words of being around you now irritate you or look like abuse just because a narcissist wants this to be, how you see it... it’s a clear sign you are being an enabler and causing irreparable damage to someone’s mental health and your own happiness! 


4. You sit there quietly when they are being targeted, you are too scared or just don’t want to rub the narcissist the wrong way!

You let the abuse happen! You let the attacks and bad words being said to happen! You don’t want to make the narcissist feel threatened! Yet you are ok in them being destroyed, doe one’s self-worth and happiness!

If this is what is happening, you are being a narcissist enabler!

Nativists enablers too are victims in some ways!


They have been treated in the same way, with the silent treatment, with denial or withdrawal of love in the past, leading to this kind of fear that is internalized! The fear of being abandoned or dejected or insulted or of drama is what keeps them behaving in this way with someone who needed their love or support instead of attacks!

Therapy at IWill has proven to be extremely beneficial for people who are victims of narcissist abuse as well as for helping co-narcissists or narcissists enabler change and learn and develop insight on their own behavior!

Join therapy at IWill today either individually first or with a partner or group (if it’s work) to overcome these painful patterns that only bring alienation, unhappiness, abuse, and depression! 

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