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woman or man needs a strong partner that can stand by them.


With a heavy heart but a clear mind, I decided to end this marriage of years; that had broken me down every day...

I was depressed, isolated after marriage; reduced to a person who was there just so that my mother-in-law could feel good, her ego could be protected. I was in such a toxic environment!

I was denied the love for wife, the respect of giving me time, denied the attachment that was my right, coming in this home just for this man! But no mercy was shown!

I was made to beg for his time, turned into a jealous insecure woman who endlessly waits, curses her fate and self for not having that man’s time who became the reason for my life-changing completely!

It made me feel like I was less of a human, whose happiness, needs never deserved any attention, a feeling I never got before!

I had struggled for my husband atleast to change.
Struggled to let him see that his time with me wasn’t insult to his mother, but it was a promise of marriage kept with me!

That his sharing his pains with me wasn’t becoming less thankful to his mother, but simply acknowledging my space and my value!

That his talking to me or eating food that I cooked or appreciating me for my value, wasn’t something that should have ever made his mother feel bad! That control should have never been there!

And yet it was there... there would be blames on me, against my parents and things like that would be said anytime I tried to show him, how isolated he was keeping me!

I didn’t want to live at one point. I wanted for my pain to end and I thought nothing could end my pain now. I joined therapy at IWill and it was here that I got the strength, the clarity to see my life was still there, I could have a career , just because someone as close my husband is humiliating, ignoring me, doesn’t mean, I couldn’t find my life again. Therapy helped me built assertion, resilience, resolve! Therapy helped me in seeing I was enough, I didn’t have to beg or die! I didn’t have to be part of any toxicity and I could be that without thinking of losing my life!

I wasn’t less because they chose to treat me like this. It showed their level!

I always wanted to leave this toxic draining instilling relationship, but I had no courage to be alive earlier, this changed!

I left behind a man who was so tied to his mom in a negative way that he felt his wife was a piece of furniture that was bought!

I left behind a mother-in-law who wanted her daughter to get a husband who treats her like a queen, gives her most love but kept his son through manipulation at a point where he just inflicted emotional pain on me!

I am out of that toxic web!

I have a job! I have fun! I feel wanted, easy, no one ignores me, no one gives me the silent treatment, no one shows at every step of the way that I am less and that is life-changing for me!

I am away from negativity, jealousy, insecurity, and insults! I am glad my mother-in-law keeps her son even now, they deserve to have no one in their life!


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