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Those who don’t know trauma let us explain to you

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People often say why are you stuck in time!
Why can’t you move on?
Why can’t you forget all that happened? You want to be stuck and don’t want to try!

What these people are saying and displaying is no understanding of how emotional trauma works and its impact on a person!
Let’s discuss what trauma is and does to a person here!

Trauma is a deep-seated emotional jolt that registers and stores a memory, a wound of immense pain that a person went through. Depending on how traumatic the experience was, it has the power to alter our brain. The mind stores new associations, new painful assumptions, the intensity of the pain (much like if you burnt your hand, you will always remember the hurt and so act around fire in similar ways)

Traumas happen because of many of the following reasons

1. Losing a loved one
2. Facing an unexpected calamity or catastrophe
3. Being through a toxic relationship  
4. Being in stressful and bullying led work environments
5. Being through emotional abuse

6. Living with negative people 

7. Going through a personal loss 

8. An illness or health issues


And more 

Traumas are so difficult because when a person is living through that, experiencing that, they feel drained, unreal, many times they want to pull themselves out of the situation due to excessive intolerable pain but they have to continue and that continues to break them. Experiencing trauma is described as being in a nightmare except that escape from it is longer and the pain real!


Sometimes these tough toxic situations continue for years and years, sapping all hopes of change, causing many times on loop, this feeling of hopelessness, of being wronged, of being stuck! 


Once the trauma goes or is over, it leaves with it this pain, these moments that a person experienced of extreme helplessness, of being at the mercy of situations or people around! And this is what keeps the trauma alive!


The hurt of not being able to change one’s life gets Deep seated as a pattern that makes a person feel less powerful! 

The pain of facing such situations makes a person lose on opportunities, happiness, the lost time keeps making a person feel that they are left behind! 


Healing from Trauma 

Traumas can be healed. The memory of hurt, the time lost and its trauma, the pain of it can go! But it takes a process to help heal this!

The first is Therapy. Psychologists at IWill can help make sense of the pain, work on changing emotional changes and patterns of behavior that trauma has brought in. Emotional speaking to someone who is a professional and is nonjudgmental catalyzes healing and rejuvenates the mind and soul. This is an absolute necessary step to healing trauma 

The second is people around and love. It takes the love of people, their support around to overcome the hurt of something that devastated or shook up a person! It’s the human connection, it’s the leaning on, it’s the belief of those around! 

The third is trying. We need strength to try again, go get back at life, to change the narrative, to assert, to control! And this can happen usually with or after first and second, but it’s a critical step! 

Trauma is hurtful, it happens because of the deep continuous emotional injury that a person has to go through!! It’s a major issue, not someone’s attention-seeking or drama-led behavior! 

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