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I have never been more mentally exhausted taking care of all my family members fighting COVID19

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In another report on TV, the family lost two members.

Phone ringing, a relative died of COVID.

Doctors being dialed, they being so overwhelmed that they not picking up the phone 

Your husband is gasping, the child is crying, your limbs are hurting, old parents are shivering

The last 2 weeks have been really traumatizing for me. The fatigue of being lonely, helpless, clueless, scared, worried for everyone, and finding oneself so powerless was something I experienced for the first time. 

I was lifeless, drained, negative, imagining the worst... my doctor advised me to take therapy at iWill.

I thought when I am going through this worst, don't have the energy to pick the phone, how will therapy, talking to someone help.

But it did. I felt heard, I felt positive. I could focus on not the worst but everything that is good around and how things will get better. She helped me reorient myself to what needs to be done, without getting bogged down in fear, in mental confusion

Therapy really helped me navigate clearly what has been the worst phase of my life. 

We are all recovering and I have booked therapy sessions for all my family members too


COVID19 is as much a mental disease as physical and for recovery, one needs to get calm, without panic, speak the fear out and fight this!

Thanks, IWill for being my partner in my worst. I hope and pray India and the world come out of this phase!

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