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If as a husband, you need to take permission to love & take care of wife, Dont marry

Arun Shekhawat

As a therapist, helping you heal and helping you guys see where the problem lies,


Arun, I want to tell you one thing! 

And that is, every time, I ask, what bond you share with your wife, everything that you share, looks like someone else is dictating how your relationship should be?


1. Should you go out or not, is not your choice

2. Should you go to her house, is not your choice

3. Should you speak to her as soon as you come back from work, how others will feel about this, comes to your. mind first

4. Should you express love to her or not

5. Should you ignore when you see, she is upset because you don't want others to understand that you "care for her"


What kind of a relationship is this?

What kind of a husband does that


You got her in your life. She came in there. You are adults. You will have children together, forget that you have a life together. You dont need to watch others to love her. There is always dynamics in every new relationship but rather than breaking a bond, you need to do the right thing and be assertive. 


She has been with you here for happiness. And she has been depressed, lost, looking for you in a place she thought, she will always find you before any hurt touches her.

Companionship is the essence of marriage. We need to work on this Arun, this fear is not even called for, it's unreasonable and may I say damaging to your relationship!
This was me with IWill therapist and my wife in sessions. And through the course, I could see how patriarchy impacts the most, women of the house. How I was shaped to ignore her, believed to be only a man, if I limit her influence in my life, even when the relationship, her mental health, our relational health called for the very opposite!

I am a changed man! I am a husband now who realizes that his wife deserves most affection, love, and care and that it's my duty!  If you cant love your wife, DON'T HAVE ONE. YOU DON'T DESERVE

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