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As woman, divorce helped me find myself and my respect back. I lost nothing

Aruna Meena

As in the morning, I got up, 6 months after my divorce and 3 months in IWill therapy, sessions to rebuild my mental health, my broken life!

I for the first time felt no panic. My eyes were dry, there was no restless, no angst, no fear in the heart on how would I be made to feel. today.


I got up, spent some time on reading, doing things I like, went to dress up, and came outside to get a glass of milk from the fridge and a toast. No one was there to tell me, yell at how late I was, how others were tired because of me not working well, how I had no reason to be tired! 


I went to work, being myself, smiling, not conscious of my opinions, nothing at the back of my mind draining, thinking about incidents of insults, of making me feel less, the things that would play in my head 24*7 before marriage!


No one measured how much did I laugh

No one commented on my loyalty for the family above the one which I was born to

No one mercilessly compared me when it came to duties and mercilessly ignored me when it came to DUTIES! 

No one insulted me in public and ignored me in private!

No one made me feel every second of the day I was useless, and that I was somehow less in everything!

No one got sadistic pleasueres anymore of making me feel how isolated and less important to my partner I was!


I had lost myself to the pain, to the insults, to the remarks, to the constant nagging!  And I signed up for help. I was depressed.

In therapy, i GAINED an understanding of my true power. I didnt have to be married for a rubber stamp!


A marriage where my husband was a slave of his family, in ignoring me.  A family that was so egoist that they couldnt see me as a human! A famiy that had all empathy for them, but none for me

It was tough! i had developed a habit of crying, fighting, being abused, scared for my future! But I gained power!


I divorced. I lost them TO GAIN MY PEACE

I slowly gained my life back.

I had to do everything for myself but at least I was doing it for me, not destroying ME as I was in that marriage!


Divorce gave me Aruna back, the girl who could smile without fear, speak without thinking much, get love WITHOUT TRYING!

If you are in my place, whether a man or woman, please seek help, please seek therapy, get out of this fear, or else you would have lost yourself, we all have one life, I want you all to LIVE IT!


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