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Sometimes your fears, nightmares are your reality. How to control anxiety then

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Sometimes life is so tough on you. Sometimes your worst fears are turning into realities! The person you never wanted to be without, is leaving you. Career you most wanted is failing you! Man or woman you most loved is disrespecting you!

At moments when the worst fear becomes reality. There is no bound to how a person feels! How anxious, broken, fear stricken a person feels , only they know

And yet if they don’t relax, if they don’t feel peace, their breaking point would get nearer and worse! How does one control anxiety when all the fears have come true? When life looks upside down?

1. Start therapy immediately
Talking to a professional psychologist can not only help in speaking all the emotions and pains out! Second, it helps to prepare a life for the crisis and after, it helps feel some control, it helps get some perspective, some handholding and all in a scientific way, a nonjudgmental setting.!

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2. Take one moment at a time
Tough times can be overwhelming and the more you allow them to power on you, the more you get buried in this! Take one moment at a time. Let the pain be divided, let the fear and hurt be divided! Things can change, miracles can happen, time can heal. All you need is faith, all you need is to be there and fight it out and for that each moment is important!!

3. Seek family and emotional support
Tough times can be very hard. They can break, they can completely shake someone’s belief. Ans therefore you need additional support, someone to hold you through this, someone to lean on, someone to share this fear, grief, worry, trauma with and hence seek family support, emotional support!

4. Read stories and talk to people who have gone through similar crisis

Knowing that you are not alone; helps, knowing that others did something that you too can learn from helps! It’s always healing, helpful to share your pain with someone who has been in your situation, who has survived this or at least coped with the same issues!

Anxiety disorders are most suddenly seen in people who are going through or have just gone through a traumatic time! It’s important that we recognise and heal! Because if we don’t anxiety disorder will make not just the situation worse it will ensure more pain, disappointment in the future! 

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