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Reasons I was depressed in my husband family and how he understood this.

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 Your wife is depressed, upset too. But she cant be blamed for it... 

Your wife is there. But let’s look at the daily conversations. She is the last person anyone talks about.

Her parents, their health, their issues are always a back seat.

Her work is a back seat.

Can you imagine yourself in a home like that Atul?

It’s a wrong thing to blame her for not being happy in your home. You imagine this for yourself. A place where nothing is about you! How would you be happy there?

Everyone say they need you. But your wife can’t have the same feelings?

Everyone say they are going through tough times, can share, you are expected to be strong for them, there for them, but it can’t be that only for your wife ,‘it’s said that she shouldn’t add “stress” in your life by being “vocal” about her emotions...

This is why she is in pain. Rather than blaming on her see this from her emotion’s perspective... while many sessions at iwill helped me see my gaps too, like always blaming my husband for other’s behavior, not being clear in my communication etc, this particular session helped him see that the blame of not being happy in an environment Doesn’t lie with the person depressed, but lies with the people around too...



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