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People always find faults in you, always bring you down. What matters is how you rise up.


No matter how good you do, with what good intentions, one small mistake done by you and people start labeling you as “bad”, “selfish”, a person with agenda, “exploitative”, “just care about self”, “unemotional” and so on.

Ironically many of these people may have been praisers on your face, you may have helped them, listened to them, nurtured them, and yet they are the ones who attack you, maybe because they want to grow, they want to please a lobby, Maybe because they are insecure or believe a one-sided, incomplete story!

But no matter what it is, this hurts. It’s a human being on this side. It’s a real person who feels Mercilessly attacked for something they didn’t do, labeled when they struggled to keep everyone happy.

I was at such a phase when I joined iwill therapy. Broken as hell, feeling guilty, ashamed and humiliated... feeling like I am over, people hate me and that world laughs at me today, for I know my truth and yet I am the bad one... therapist listened to me... she let me say all my story... and then she helped me focus on myself... I need not have anyone praises to be good. I needed to also speak back when I was blamed..: I didn’t attack anyone but I didn’t have to take it all quietly..: she helped me also choose my peace above all...

Helped me regain that I had the strength within me.

That people would attack, would never see the good, that I needed to be seen with.
People have agendas, rivalry and I needed to become a strong force. I needed to stop pleasing others, stop living for others, stop giving these people attention,

I Will helped me learn my worth, to speak back when needed, to walk away for my mental health! To stay my ground and yet not engage with people meant to slander. My zen-like calmness is all because I took therapy at the right time...
If you are struggling with the same thing, some people bringing you down, blaming you when they used you for their happiness or success, are insecure, you need to rise up and sometimes our mental and emotional health doesn’t let us... seek help from a professional psychologist today like I did

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