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Signs you are dealing with mental health issues

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Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, etc are becoming increasingly common and this number is going up at an alarming rate. 

It’s very difficult for a person or their family to pinpoint what exactly could be the issue. But overall mental health issues cause some common and easily identifiable symptoms. Once anyone has these for more than 2 weeks, it is recommended to immediately seek psychological help, start therapy and let the professional diagnose what the condition is and how the disorder needs to be treated. 


1. Sleep changes 

Sleep changes happen in almost all major mental health issues but are more pronounced and common in mood disorders like depression and bipolar. If a person can’t stay awake or has trouble falling asleep, if the sleep quality is severely impacted ...and if some of the other symptoms mentioned below are present too, it could be because of an underlying mental health concern. 


2. Mood changes 

You just don’t seem to be happy or relaxed. You can’t feel yourself again. Your mood, your emotions don’t look any more in your control. You feel irritable, angry, lonely, sad, anxious and it all happens and keeps happening. Happy emotions and in-control reactions are something you crave for, but can’t get easier now. 


3. Cognitive changes 

Concentration that would be your strength isn’t there anymore. Focusing on what needs to be done is tough for you. You feel you are having memory issues, your ability to think clearly and get things done is impacted. If these changes are present, and it’s been 2 weeks + it’s high time you need to seek help from a professional 


4. Perception changes 

You feel like life isn’t offering you much, you feel let down in yourself or by others, you feel less hopeful about future and what it has in store for you, you are very anxious and you feel life has pain to offer you, if your trust is lost, in yourself and/or situation, it is important that you seek professional help. 


5. Appetite changes 

You either eat a lot or just can’t eat. You are gaining weight or losing it. Your food isn’t linked to a systematic eating pattern anymore but now is dependent on your mood changes... and is governed by it. 


6. Expression & communication 

You either talk a lot about your fears to the point your family and people around have stopped understanding you, or you just can’t express, speak... you remain quiet and don’t feel anyone will get you... you don’t have the energy to speak, engage in dialogue anymore! 


7. Relationship and interpersonal changes 

Your relationship with people around has changed... you don’t connect with them anymore or you feel you/or they are a letdown. You feel lonely, or you feel too dependent so much so that you can’t function yourself. Your loved ones have said things like “you have changed”, “you are getting difficult” and shown an inability to understand what’s really happening with you. 

If you notice these changes in yourself or your loved one, you need to seek help today. These are signs usually of an underlying mental health concern. Mental health concerns are increasing at an alarming rate in present times. With broken relationships, work stressors, loneliness & isolation due to covid19, illness, grief, losing a loved one, losing one’s life, and grief of that... mental health issues stemming are obvious! 

Please start therapy, psychologist will help uncover what are the issues and help heal.. ignoring mental health issues can worsen and impact your quality of life, your happiness, your physical health.! 

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