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I got my daughter married to have a companion, not to be isolated

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My daughter is in iwill therapy seeking help for depression. I am glad a platform like iwill exists that helps people come out of tough phases, their pain and find hope and resilience and belief in themselves!

But you know what the sad part is. The reason why she got depressed! The reason why she is so unhappy and pained../

The reason is she got isolated, ignored, left alone after her marriage!
Ironic isn’t it?

Why does a father get her daughter married?
He gets her married thinking what will happen to his children after he is not around or too old to care... marriage happens so she gets a companion, who can love her, take care of her emotionally as she takes care of him, who can be a family, who can bring love, smiles, joy, togetherness, trust to his daughter! Who can stand for her in every tough phase of life so that the daughter feels never alone!

And sadly my daughter like many other daughters, got the very opposite of it!

Rather than companionship, my daughter got isolated.

She would be in-home, in life alone, no one caring for her, or her emotions. Everyone competing with her, treating her like a threat, someone who has come to break a home... how stupid is this?
A young girl of age 28, who has left her space, she is there to break home? Really? And you isolate her further when she has no parents there? No one to take care of her?
She was treated always as secondary, as though everyone did a favor of having her there!

What favor did anyone do?

She is educated, she is bringing joy in your home. She has her own home. She has a family who loves her deeply! Why treat her and how dare she be treated as though she has no one!

My daughter ironically started therapy because her marriage rather than giving her companionship, is giving her isolation, rather than giving her 2 homes, is giving her a feeling she has no place of her own, rather than giving her love, is giving her isolation and coldness!
Glad she is getting so much better with iwill, glad her depression is improving glad she is able to assert, speak for herself, glad she is happy now, is looking to do things much greater! But that doesn’t lessen my hurt.

That my daughter got depression because she got loneliness from a relationship that was for her companionship

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