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Signs you are mentally exhausted and not lazy

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1. Small tasks overwhelm and confuse you 

Even writing an email is a task. You feel it’s tough to plan what needs to be done in a day. You sometimes even forget or can’t remember or keep in active memory as to what needs to be done. These are signs it’s not laziness. 

As in laziness, one just chills and doesn’t want to do things, it’s not overwhelming, rather it’s a choice!!


2. You don’t feel motivated or confident 

If your mind keeps telling you, that you are not good enough. If you feel no matter what you do, you won’t achieve anything. The purpose looks lost and you don’t feel you can chase it, this is not laziness, it is a sign of a mental health issue! 


3. Resting doesn’t bring your energy levels up 

You sleep, you lay for hours, you watch reels or videos, and yet you feel no entertainment or relief! You feel guilty of resting, of being away from work and yet you can’t do it because you never feel happy, rested ... lack of happy emotions and peace and rest is causing you not to work, not laziness 


4. You feel bad each minute yet just can’t get things done 

Never there is a moment when in the back of your mind, you are not further blaming yourself for not working! Yet when it comes to doing, you just can’t. You feel crippled, unsure of why you are letting time pass, you get zillion thoughts in all different directions, nothing directed! 


5. You have a lot of mood swings and they stop you from getting the focus 

You are angry, irritable, sad, hopeless, and all of this moves sometimes very rapidly.. and this impacts your focus, your concentration! This is not laziness, it’s mental pain! 


What can you do? 

Seek IWILL therapy as these are signs of depression or other emotional health issues! You need to challenge the assumptions, the stored pain that is making you so unmotivated, hopeless, and sad!

Try and work on a micro timetable. Break big tasks into the smallest possible steps. Seek support from people who can help you declutter, provide motivation, positive talk, this all will help. 

Work on a sleep schedule where just before sleeping, you can spend time either meditating, relaxing, or thinking positive imagery. 

Mental health issues can make it difficult to work and this further acts as a vicious cycle breaking your self-worth. Seek therapy at IWill today. You are not lazy, you need empathy and healing. 

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