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When partner says they don’t love you because you are unworthy, its a lie

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You are always nagging. I can’t sit with you.
I don’t want to talk to you because you drain me.
You don’t care for my family. How can I care for you?
It’s your fault that no one here is able to share a bond with you!
You are not adjusting enough.
You are very opinionated.
You can’t make anyone happy.
I get bored with you.

If your spouse or partner makes such and more excuses, rather than giving you time. If your partner blames the burden of a failing relationship on you, always finds fault if you ask for their attention, tells you to adjust or please others in order for you to get basic attention, the problem is not you, it’s them!

No matter how society had normalized one-sided ignorance in marriage, the fact is even if 1000 or 1 million people practice wrong, it doesn’t become right.

Rather it can be extremely emotionally exhausting!

First, to be denied the space a partner deserves and then to be blamed for it, that’s like not getting love and also being made to feel like an outsider, less deserving, problematic person, and whose perceptions or expectations don’t count.

When this happens, it’s imperative to seek emotional support. Many clients at IWill therapy are there because they feel dejected, feel misfit, and confused because their partners don’t love them.

Slowly over time, they start blaming themselves seeing that only they don’t get their partner’s love.
Therapy at IWill allows them to free themselves from this assumption or pain that somehow it’s their fault that their spouse doesn’t care for them. Second, it makes them assertive and strong to speak for themselves, not allow gaslighting or emotional abuse to happen and in many cases, they stand up to their partner, start couple therapy to fix these damaging patterns, or find a way to be strong enough to focus on their lives!

It’s extremely wrong to blame a partner when the person has a lack of love for them.

No partner deserves it and it’s unfair. It shifts the blame for someone’s toxic behavior onto the one who is the victim.

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