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Mental health issues cause a lot of Self-damage. Awareness is key

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Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are extremely tough!

Following self-damaging things happen to a person due to their mental health issues

1. Mistrusting and doubting self

All mental health issues impact the faith a person has in themselves. Whether it’s fear that they would act “differently", or the fear that they won’t be able to do things they desire, that they won’t achieve in life or be happy, such thoughts and assumptions dominate the mind of someone with mental health issues.

A person with other disorders like bipolar, borderline personality disorders, etc starts becoming conscious and unhappy with self...

This lack of trust and faith in self makes the person pull back from all aspects of life, whether it’s work, relationships, and goals! It also brings in unhappiness and emptiness!

2. Concentration issues, procrastination, confusion, and lack of direction

Mental health issues lead to concentration issues as the mind is usually abuzz with unhelpful thoughts, painful beliefs, and feelings! The person feels no energy, is exhausted, has fear and so they procrastinate on their goals, on their work on their life! They also over time due to lack of success and tough coping get confused with the direction of life. This mess that is internal and this pain of not doing what one is capable of empties a person internally!

3. Loss of interest in life
When nothing is working out, when emotions are hurt and all Over the place. When goals are missed, life is stagnated, because of mental health issues and a person feels incapable, the next thing this all leads to, is loss of interest in life, with life events...

The person may display an extreme need for escape and painfully in many cases, even have suicidal ideations so strong that they find it hard to be in control and be safe! Mental health issues thereby are life-threatening if left untreated, unchecked!

4. Sleep and eating disturbances

Mental health issues cause eating and sleeping disturbances! This is because either a person is so empty that they don’t feel like eating, or they are so much in pain that they emotionally eat to overcome it! They also face sleep issues due to too many painful thoughts, sleep-wake cycle disruption, and emotional issues!

5. Social withdrawal and more isolation

One needs more support when dealing with mental health issues and yet due to fear of judgments, due to internal shame and pain, due to exhaustion, people dealing with mental health issues isolate and socially withdraw! This further damages their mental health and makes them suffer more...

Mental health issues like physical health issues cannot be ignored!

Anyone with a feeling that they don’t feel ok, that they are not feeling good, or when they feel excessive fear or anxiety or hopelessness or self-doubt, they must consult a psychologist.

Therapy can help a lot in stopping the cycle of self-doubt, bring about change in the environment, bring about small little changes so that work can happen, changes in food and sleep interpersonal relationships (sometimes family therapy is done too) and this stops the self-damage and over time leads to growth, goal-fulfillment, and happiness with self

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