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4 morning struggles with Anxiety disorder and tips to overcome

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Anxiety disorder is marked by excessive fear and worry that starts controlling how a person feels, acts, or thinks. The fear usually gets excessive and so debilitating that the person feels exhausted, unable to think and plan things, and feels very uncomfortable.


Anxiety disorder can make the mornings sometimes worse. 

Below are the 5-morning struggles a person with anxiety goes through and tips on controlling these.  




1. Waking up restless


Some people with anxiety just wake up feeling restless. The fear-led thoughts cloud them. The things about to happen in the day and fear choke them. The morning starts with such restlessness that it gets very uncomfortable for them. 


A tip to manage this is to, as soon as one wakes up, take some deep breaths. Sip some water and try and proactively think good about yourself. Saying things that create a positive feeling to yourself help. Even if it seems, it's not helping, please continue doing it. As it would have a positive impact on you sooner or later!



2. Waking up tired and irritable


The constant fear that goes on, the lack of happiness that exists, make a person feel very tired or irritable. It's difficult to control anger sometimes or feel good.


it's important that you show empathy for yourself and lso realize that irritability is coming from within. Something within you needs healing. Before getting angry with someone else or yourself,  consider if this hurt is happening because of your painful thoughts, your fears. Take a moment to recognize these thoughts and challenge them. What if everything turns out ok? You are ok in the present. You have got this.  Acknowledging your emotions could be a great step towards healing and feeling better in the morning.


3. Inability to plan through the day

Do you wake up and feel like you won't be able to get through the day? That you can't plan what's needed or what needs to be done. Do you feel crippled and unable to start because of confusion?


If yes, this is a common issue with anxiety disorder. A tip for this is to plan for the action steps a day before and start action accordingly. Having a plan and some tasks already completed a day before can lessen the anxiety and reduce the overwhelming stress you feel because of it!

4. Feeling exhausted


People with anxiety disorder can sometimes feel exhausted the moment they wake up. They feel they have no energy and feel worn out! This is because anxiety overwhelms them. The thoughts, the fear, the pain breaks them. The stress of what is to come according to them really drains them.


To overcome this exhaustion, it's important to speak to someone. It's important to let the fear out, to share with someone how you feel, to be able to see things differently! A loved one or a friend can help here. 

You can also positive self-talk and you need to show empathy and not anger towards yourself. 

Observe thoughts you are having and try and think how they may be inaccurate. 


Anxiety disorder is real. It breaks a person. It makes working incredibly tough! It's important to seek therapy. It's important to work and challenge the fears that have consolidated due to the trauma. It's important to heal the trauma, it's important to also find a way to change aspects of life, to have boundaries, to have empathy for self.


It's not ok for you to break in this pain and fear. It's not ok for you to always stay fearful and not be able to enjoy or be in the present! Seek therapy. You deserve nonjudgmental listening. You deserve healing. You deserve. a way to get past these draining thoughts and fears and be able to lead a life of happiness that you deserve. Therapy will help you get there. 


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