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5 common signs of depression that suffocate and cause extreme pain

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Depression is not easy on anyone. We have shared 5 painful emotions and thoughts that cause this in a person struggling with depression! 

It’s in the first person so that you can identify with the statements and relate if what you are experiencing could be depression! 


1. Deep sadness and hopelessness


This won’t work. 

I am alone. 

I am a topic of fun

No point even trying. 

It’s a no from their side. I already know

I have nothing to look forward to... I am all doomed... 

I will be ridiculed... my future is dark and bleak..


If these are things that dominate how you think about yourself and if you remain sad and hopeless because of it, it must be extremely painful and suffocating! 


2. Self-hate & self-doubt 

I am not good. I think I’ll make a fool of myself since I am so bad.. I don’t even know what to do for life...  I am the reason everyone is in pain... look at my family, my company, the world around me, the struggle is because of me! 


3. Disappearing and escaping 

Can I not just escape everything? Can I go invisible? I can’t take more pain! I will only get that... I just need to escape... more humiliation. More isolation. More failures. I can’t take them! 



4. Burnt out and exhausted 

I can’t even try. I don’t know where to start. I can’t do it. I just don’t have the energy. It’s all over. I am not the right person. Maybe a Miracle can help me now.. I want to sleep... I am so ashamed of myself but I can’t do anything...


5. Feeling like a burden and lonely

No one loves me. 

They may love me but I am such a drain. 

My presence is bad for people. 

No one gets me. 

I am better off not being there in their life. 

I have never made anyone proud 

No one is happy being with me! 

Depression makes a person hollow from the inside. They don’t feel happy at all... they have issues that they feel they have no control on. Tough situations also keep increasing as the person is going through both an external crisis and an internal emotional breakdown leading to more crisis for the person! 

If you are going through depression and are dealing with all of the above, we are sure they are reasons!

Surely things will be tough... surely you must have gone through a lot. 

But you can overcome! We promise! This painful life and your environment can change too 

This is depression talking.  We can feel normal, in control despite our circumstances... And eventually, change everything around it that is painful too! 

Your being at a breaking point, it’s probably depression! And there is help for that. 

You need someone to help you heal. Someone who is a professional who can work with you regularly and help you manage first your thoughts, your assumptions about yourself, and then help you change things around you... 

People in depression with therapy have completely recovered and have felt good, happy and at peace... please take help today... start somewhere.. depression feeds on this pain... and therapy can help control it. 

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