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5 forms of silent abuse patterns that can be damaging and yet make the victim look bad 

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1. Silent Treatment

Silent treatment is a form of an abuse pattern where the person stops talking, ignores and denies someone's need to communicate. It is a behavior used to make the person fear, and force them to think about what wrong they did or do things that the person doing silent treatment wants. It's an intense form of almost punishing the person for normal things said or expected.

It can be very unsettling as it can feel like a denial of a relationship, it can cause intense anxiety, it can cause loneliness and also restlessness.


2. Cold treatment 

When a person notices that even when they are part of a group, they are not as involved. The topics, discussions also happen that are not related to them, their words and things they say are ignored. The eye movements, the body language everything is such to make the person feel out of place and completely ignored.


3. Praising others with an intention while ignoring the person

Some people will praise others all the time specifically on things that the person is struggling with or where their self respect is resting. So in reality people watching can never tell that this can be abuse but it is.


Let's understand this with an example.

Say a person has got a new job and everyone knows it. Rather than addressing this person's success, if an abuser says, you know Sonia, she has got another promotion. And almost 5 times the jump, wow, this is called success, she is so talented, she is amazing!

Now see what happened here, the person who got the new job now would be feeling low about self. And would be feeling compared and hurt.


4. Ignoring one’s needs 

When someone intentionally denies a person's emotional and other needs, they don't fight, don't yell. They just deny a person their needs, this is a painful form of silent abuse.

For example there was a partner who didn't give visible love to their partner, didn't fulfill their emotional needs, didn't give any value to their normal wishes and yet on face never had a fight, never yelled or raised voice, this is also a strong and worse form of silent abuse.


5. Having a poor or angry body language

Sometimes abuse is not done with absence of words or with comparisons, it's done with a very angry or closed body language and displaying this on purpose.

Any person who is facing this gets fearful, feels pressured to comply or doing things that will change this or feels awkward and uncomfortable.


This form of treatment too is very successful for it's intended purpose.


Any form of silent abuse is still abuse. Worse no one believes this person and their suffering continues and denial of respect too. It can cause immense emotional issues. 


Seek help, seek therapy at IWill, to overcome this fear. This need to comply, this letting of such behaviors impact you. You need to have power over how you feel, how you think and take the power away from the abuser. Seek therapy if you feel broken, if you wish to stop getting affected and stand up to the abuse. THERAPY can be a life changing experience and fill you with internal power and strength.

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