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5 promises a brother should make for his sister on Rakshabandhan

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Dear sister,

As a brother, I have 5 promises to make to you this Rakshabandhan, 5 promises that i will always keep for your happiness, respect snd love.


1. Standing up for you

I won't be the brother who would say that your problems are not mine now, that if there is a problem that you face with your husband, settle it on your own, that i have no business now with you and you keep suffering.

I would stand by you, no matter what. I would never let you be treated poorly or disrespected, I will never look the other way if you need me, I will never let you be abused or suffer alone.



2.Never letting the child go in us

The plays we did, the memories of our growing up years, the sharing of cakes, mithai, the days with our parents, the memories and experiences of this, I will not let die. I will keep that innocent child alive for you, for you to not feel lonely, for you to feel same emotions of running around in home, with laughter, with love.


3. Giving and expecting equality 

You and I are equal in everyway, I will never make feel secondary or less which is very unfair and in the same time, I will expect, you treat me with respect, and you give me equality too. Just because I am a man or your brother, you too won't make me feel like I have only responsibilities and can't expect anything.



4. Mutually protect each other 

You have always protected me, from hurt, sometimes when I was teased in school, from my bully friends, it's always been two ways, you have been my shield too as I have been yours. 

I will seek your protection as I will provide you with the safety net. 


5.Being transparent with you 

A good relationship is one where you can say things openly, when you are hurt, you can tell why, when you feel distance, you can say it. I promise that i always will be transparent with you, if there are a few things I want to change or not like, I will say them. To keep the bond going, openness is important and I promise that l will also always listen to what you have to say, ill keep our bond alive stronger than ever.


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