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5 reasons of anxiety issues escalating and what should be done

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1. Being around toxic people 

If you have anxiety now or in the past and you happen to also be around toxic people who judge you, always attack you, create a toxic work culture in one way or another for you, they can fuel a dormant past anxiety episode, even create environment that fuels anxiety sometimes and make existing anxiety disorder way worse.


2. Surprisingly changes whether for good or bad can trigger anxiety 

Change is where you don't know what to expect. A new job, a new assignment, a wedding are all positive changes but what to expect when in them can cause anxiety especially if there are things initially that are unsupportive or less supportive in the new situation

For example a new employee, if listens to "oh you don't know this?" VS "Let me take you through some examples of how things are done here", the former conversations and culture can trigger anxiety.

That is True for new homes and weddings too.

Ofcourse painful moments are bound to create anxiety issues but sometimes when you have very high expectations of positive changes, negative experiences no matter how small they may look to others can cause a lot of restlessness, fear and anxious behavior.


3. A silent phase after going through long trauma or a silent phase within a prolonged trauma 

If someone is going through a divorce, the silent months can be highly anxiety causing. Similarly if going through a bad work or financial crisis, some periods of no noise can provoke a sitting, continous, back of the head anxiety that is capable of exhausting a person.

Similarly if after a long illness or tough period everything is well, a small infection, someone else's health news can trigger worst possible fears and restlessness. The trauma that has gone and the silence of its absence today if not dealt with emotionally and reconciled can cause tremendous pain.

4. Being around people who don't believe in you 

It's one thing to be around toxic people, but there are few people who give this vibe, this unsaid and said feeling that they don't trust you or see you doing great, such people can cause intense anxiety just by there mere presence especially in someone who is sensitive and is prone to self doubt 


5. Being near anything that reminds of past trauma 

Your brain stores information basis cues, the sight, the smell, the routes, the people. If someone has been through very tough times in the past, any cue that rekindles somewhere in the brain that feeling, that faint memory of the emotion, not necessarily the incidence can make a person feel anxious. The more prolonged the person remains surrounded by these cues without actively working snd processing and working to relax their mind, soul and self, it can trigger anxiety issues.


If you are dealing with anxiety issues and could relate to any of, or many of what was shared, seek iwill therapy today.

You need to decouple your mind from the trauma.

You need to prepare, be ready, move forward when it's silent during the expected storm.

You need to assert, speak up and stand up to toxic people.

You need to calm yourself and learn to trust and do the right thing but not be scared or traumatised in fear that it will happen again.

In new situations things when not going right, you need to be in charge, speak, change the direction and not feel incompetent and powerless and for all of this to happen, you need help, you need support, you need healing, you need non judgmental listening, you need care and that was therapy offers.

You also need to unlearn and learn new things in a safe space and that was therapy will help you with.

Start, seek help today 

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