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5 signs of a highly sensitive person and why they can suffer emotionally because of it

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1. Inability to set boundaries even with toxic people

A person may hurt them 1000 times, say things behind their back, is never there when they are struggling and yet with these toxic people, when they call for help, when they need someone to speak to, or cry to, a hyper sensitive becomes available...

Even when it hurts them, knowing the pain that such situations bring, they can't see anyone else go through it alone.

This endless giving that is one sided breaks them and yet they find it hard or impossible to set boundaries.

2 Deeply affected and broken by other's pains

 If someone remotely close to them is suffering, their days and hours can go in pain..they feel emotionally moved, concerned, upset, restless and genuinely unhappy.

While this is such a beautiful quality, it does take a toll on the hyper sensitive person who takes on other people's pain as well as their own and have continued suffering many times.


3. They can read non verbal cues and behaviors 

Someone is cold, not responding, trying to put them down without saying a word, just by small gestures, they read it and feel it deeply...

it breaks them because they care so much for everyone and these vibes, snide indirect remarks break their heart and worst is no one around believes them. They are labelled as being over reactive or sometimes manipulative also because of this.

4. They give a lot of love and expect similar love but seldom end up giving more than ever receiving as people start taking them from granted 

A hypersensitive person's priority is wellbeing and love and they would many times put them second just to take care of others and love them. They go out of their way to care, to love, to be happy, to plan things for their loved ones.

But they don't get this in return as much... People start taking their sacrifices for granted, their presence and their emotions for granted and that can cause a lot of hurt.

5. A hypersensitive person can destroy self sometimes no matter how talented just because people who are toxic attack them, put self doubt in them. And they belive, they get scared. They don't fight...

They are so intellectually capable and yet because they are sensitive people who are toxic take advantage of it and put them into a vicious cycle of doubt, pain and hurt that distracts and takes them away from things they need to do and break these toxic people's intentions.

If you are hypersensitive, you are a beautiful human being.

But you will remain unhappier this way. Your good is deserved by those who value it and you need to show similar empathy, love, kindness to yourself too 

Start IWill therapy if you have been unable to break this sensitive side from breaking you and many times your emotions and progress in life. You need to stand, assert, be there for self and cut the toxic abuse.

You need to get back love as you give it.

You need to build inner strength so that people can't take advantage of your emotions.

You deserve love. You deserve your own empathy and this endless pain you feel sometimes, needs to end

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