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5 signs of a narcissist and narcissist abuse around you

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1.They are always jealous of your accomplishments 

They can never be genuinely happy for you. Your success makes them enraged. Even when they pretend They are happy, they will not stop and in the same breath remind of you of your failures, or things you don't have. They will also make you feel disastrous continously, finding ways to get back at you and make you feel miserable and undermine any accomplishments that you make.


2. They will always control you and your relationships

They will get insecure of any new person in your life. Slightest of conversations and attention getting diverted makes them angry and their sense of self heavily comes from control...

Narcissistic parents can be so tough because when their children find love, they start competing, getting upset and even insulting their own son/daughter and their partner to keep them apart.

Since the children are conditioned to abuse, control, they often end up damaging their own relationships in wanting to keep the parent happy.


3. They are full of drama, sarcasm, snide remarks and silent treatment 

If you don't want they like, they will give you silent treatment.

If they feel upset on something, whether it is anything to do with you or not, they will pass comments, snide remarks and sarcasm on you to put you down just to make them feel better and less unworthy about self.

4. They will always be about themselves, you are just a tool

They will love bomb you, cry to you but you should be serving their dreams. Even if they get older or even if you are the same age, it's about them, you should fit in their scheme, you should be involved in their life's mission and will show a complete disregard, detest and even disgust of your own ambitions, desires.

5. They will constantly compare you, devalue you randomly to keep you feeling less or little 

They will suddenly compare you, start praising someone else on points they usually judge you on, will not say it directly but tell you how less you are to them.


Being with a narcissist will destroy your core, your relationships, your ambitions, your self respect.


Question is why do people continue?

Well one because they are usually in close settings. A parent, a partner, a sibling and you don't have much of a choice organically.

Second they are good at love bombing, knowing when your breaking point to leave is and to do something to keep you going.

You need intensive therapy, if it's your partner suffering too from parental narcissism, honestly you guys need couple therapy or things can get worse and way more unjappier.

If it's partner abusing you, you need to find strength within yourself to stand up, assert boundaries, choose and make some hard choices.

Narcissistic abuse is repetitive, it's a trap, not one gets easily out of it but abuse needs to stop, for you, for growth and goals.

If you feel you are suffering, start sessions at IWill therapy today. Iwill has country's best therapists who can help you heal, stand up for yourself, make changes to dynamics if it's a couple setting and help you come out of this unending cycle of toxicity, pain on expense of someone else who has probably severe self worth issues.

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