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5 signs of crippling reasons behind recurring mental trauma related pain

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Trauma is a deep sense of pain and hurt stored within your mind, body and soul that is often not so easy to overcome.

Trauma can be caused by one highly traumatic experience or being exposed to multiple traumas.

Trauma also doesn't come from just things that happened happened you, sometimes trauma can be result of broken dreams, things you wanted should happen to you, you worked hard, you did everything and you still never got those.



Here are 5 crippling reasons behind recurring mental trauma 

1. Grief of a loved one or a loved one's chronic severe illness 

If you love someone dearly and had seen and been in a life with them where a lot of meaning of life was derived from their presence. When you lose a loved one or when you see them ill or losing good health or going into cycles of health issues over and over again, that deplete them, these in turn can deplete you, make you scared, pained, vulnerable and trauma of this nature if unhealed can stick and cause recurring pain.


2. Trauma of multiple setbacks in life on things important to you

If your career or who you are, or your love life is super important to you and you face setbacks in it, over and over again despite trying your best, sometimes due to external reasons and at other times due to this vicious cycle, the pain that this can cause can and trauma that can stay with this can be unreal.


3. Trauma of loss of your own health 

Many times its your own health against you. You were fit and going and you start realising sometimes all of a sudden, that your health isn't there anymore as it used to be. You miss your old self. You are scared due to unpredictability that these health issues bring to you, no one around understands as much as what you go through but if these health issues continue, your mind can get under immense stress and trauma.


4. Trauma of emotional abuse and being around toxic people 

Some people know how to take from you but never give back. They make you do everything for them but at the slightest occasion make you feel so thankless. They would attack you, never appreciate you, be jealous of you and still always call you and expect things from you. Such people are really one of the worst and can cause maximum trauma, as they keep taking, never expect any responsibility, never make you feel thanked enough and attack you further.


5. Trauma of broken heart and relationship 

Sometimes when you go through relationships where your partner is just unavailable for you, they don't care about you, your suffering, they keep going on in their life and blame you further for being not a good partner and put the problems of relationship on your expectations, such partners can be extremely draining and cause immense trauma not just of denial but also self doubt and self worth issues.

Trauma may manifest in many forms but usually mental signs of trauma are 

1. Procrastination due to a lot of feeling of pain and strange emotional space 

2. Emptiness and sadness that can be triggered to a heightened level with small issues

3. Lot of fear and panic that can be triggered and flash backs

4. Complex web of emotions and pain that often have no direct relationship to the degree of what's going on in the present 

5. Sleep changes 

6. A lot of trust issues or other emotional issues like extreme sensitivity or extreme dependence on someone 


How to heal trauma?

You need to heal that part of your mind. The emotions. The thoughts. The incidents around these need to be processed and so therapy becomes a must.

At IWill, if you feel any of this. If you have had tough times in past, that continue showing up emotional signs. Now or current issues look completely unmanageable due to past trauma, seek therapy at IWill.


You need social support. You need people who are willing to be with you, let you be, cry, emotionally be available.

You need rest. You need to go easy on yourself. You will catch up. Things will get better. You need to believe that present state is not your permanent state. 


Start IWill therapy today. You can heal. Trauma is there but so is the part in you that wants to heal, wants to be free of the pain, live as life is here and be your best. We need to let this part of you win and defeat the crippling trauma 


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