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5 signs of depression due to toxic people or relationships


Depression is a serious mental health disorder that is also very common in people who are subjected to toxic abuse and relationships.

Here are the 5 signs that what you are experiencing could be depression due to toxic abuse

1. An empty feeling because of toxic person’s/people treatment 

If you experience an empty feeling now, as though you are unhappy and feel misplaced or in a wrong environment, as though something happy is pulled out of you... and these feelings started or developed because you were with people who didn’t love you, or show affection towards you... you were with people who treated you like an outsider through their verbal and nonverbal gestures consistently, then this is one of the signs of depression due to a toxic environment. 


2. Constantly second-guessing or judging yourself to be bad because of how someone else sees you

Suddenly you look like you are only full of mistakes, that there is nothing good in you... you keep getting hopeless about your chances and choices in life... and this pattern has started because of hearing remarks on you, things done to make you feel less, make you feel vulnerable, and also make you feel you are nothing without them, by a toxic person or set of people! 

If this happening to you and happening along with other signs consistently, this may very well be a sign of depression due to toxic abuse!


3. Feeling really lonely and alone... 

The toxic person’s abuse and their isolating you from your other loved ones may have left you with a deep sense of loneliness, something that you never experienced earlier and if this is how you feel most of the times if this is how you feel that you are alone, there is no one around you... and consistently so, it could be depression 


4. Seeing no hope and having extreme thoughts 

If you feel so stuck because of a toxic person or group of people, that you are compelled to think that there is no life for you, no chances for you outside the toxic person’s space, and that you can’t stay here too and this makes extreme steps like the only possible solution and you keep contemplating on this, this is depression and you must immediately start therapy to feel better, to see hope and all the things and possibilities that are there but toxic abuse has masked you to see. 


5. Changing personality 

You cry a lot. You snap out a lot. You speak to others in manners you never did. You feel you are becoming jealous, envious, traits that you never had. You are experiencing too much irritability, anger, impulse and you feel you are out of control... this could be because of being with toxic people, the frustration, the pain, the anger, the passive learning all of it happens..: if you feel guilty because of this, but still can’t control it and the guilt and these changes together keep you really locked up in pain, this is depression. 


If you could relate to this article, seek therapy at IWill. Toxic abuse and patterns are making you suffer. 

You need healing, you need strength, you need a way out of this...

you need to reconnect with love, you need to see the good in you,

you need to feel love and values again, you need to feel whole again,

minus the emptiness, minus the need to escape, minus the need to experience all that discrimination ... start therapy at IWill today... heal 

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