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5 signs you are being manipulated against your wife or husband 

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Sometimes as partner's we get manipulated against our own wife or husband. We Start seeing their normal things as problems and start taking out wrong meanings of things they say and do.

Often this happens when we are being influenced or manipulated against them by our family or friends, could be unintentionally too, but the reality remains, it damages the relationship and reduces happiness and brings bitterness.

Here are 5 signs you could be manipulated against your spouse 

1. Someone else is telling you about meaning of your spouse's actions and choices 

He didn't come to pick you up, would he do that to his mother?

She asked you to leave your work early and come home, what kind of love is this? Does she not want you to succeed?

Why does she call you like that in front of others? Doesn't she know you need to be respected?

These examples are classic sign of manipulation. THEY may have wanted to spend time with you, they may have gotten busy that day. But giving negative meanings to their actions and your reacting to it is a sign of manipulation.

2. Comparing your spouse with others to make a point.

Look at Sneha, she has a job too but she does everything at her home. It's all about taking husband's home as your own responsibility. Those who take it, always do it too. May be our daughter in law still doesn't see it as her home.

Oh he is earning so much and yet he pampers his partner so much, it's about love, those who want to take out time, will always do.

Riddhi is so good. She is so respectful even to us. Only people who are lucky get such spouse.

Randomly comparing and giving a grade to your partner comparing to someone else is a big sign of manipulation.

3. Making normal things of your partner look bad 

You know what they were saying, she laughs so much, it's embarrassing. 

She is always so childish, always looking at you, trying to be around you, she should be more mature. It doesn't look nice.

Why does she always expect you to surprise her? Don't you have anything else to do now?

She should let you more with your friends, socialise. Women who really care are aware of this!

If normal, happy and nice gestures of your wife are bad, and you are getting convicned too, it's manipulation.


4. If you have started seeing their love gestures as control.

Why do you want to spend time with me? I have other things to do too.

Why should I come to your parents home, why is it necessary?

You don't want me to be with my friends is it? Why do you want to control my life?

Don't try and take place of my family in life 

If you have started thinking or talking like this, it's not normal. This happens as a result of manipulation when you start denying love to yourself and start saying things like someone else would.


5. Fighting for others and having quarrels

If you are fighting because someone else instigated you or send something to charge you, if you are fighting on others and making your spouse feel less because they should have done x or y for someone or the shouldn't have said, what they said, this is a sign of manipulation.

Things like how dare you say that to my loved one?

Are you insulting them and so on.


Manipulation breaks people and homes.

It takes away happiness and ability to feel fulfilled.

Remember your sense of self is diminished too. Because if you feel your spouse isn't good, you feel you are also let down somewhere or less.

Identity these signs and block the manipulation.

Identify these and seek therapy to heal all that is lost. 

You should have complete independent understanding of your partner, not the one others want you to see or believe.

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