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5 strategies to overcome trauma and be best version of your self 

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Emotional trauma is one of the toughest to deal with. This trauma can occur because of many things, setbacks in life, being through a life altering phase say like death or illness of a loved one, illness of self, emotionally abusive or negligent relationship and other stressful events.

Trauma numbs a person. It takes them into a mode where doing basic things becomes tough, where hope becomes sometimes impossible and pain overflows and takes over the ability to feel happiness.

If this has been happening with you and if you feel years are passing in this pain, you are losing out on life, here are the 5 strategies that can help you overcome the burden and the pain and be the best version of yourself again

1. Talk to someone and heal

Trauma needs healing, you need to speak and share all the pain you are storing within. You need to let go of the fears that hold you. You need to re-imagine your life, without the shadow of the trauma. That can happen if you let all the pain out, make sense of it, make peace with it, stop it's interference with your present day feelings about self and life. Definitely take talk therapy. You can book the same at IWill which has best therapists in the country and programs.



2. Do things that make you happy

Even if you don't feel like, even if it's tough, even if it feels meaningless, still push yourself to do things that you enjoyed once. If you liked travelling, speaking to people, having fun, being with friends, watching movies, whatever that was, which would give you pleasure, do these things. When you are able to create good memories in your present, slowly the old memories of pain, of trauma, will start fading. This will allow you to slowly regain your happiness, that charm towards life... you deserve more love, not less, you deserve more fun, not less. Seek things that make you happy.... they will heal you.


3. Maintain distance and boundaries from toxic people or situations

You don't have to be available for those who only hurt you, make you feel less about self, make you feel less. You deserve better.

Set boundaries from people who only remind you of your problems, who never empathise with you. Assert, have boundaries, speak for yourself. You have every right to protect your mental health. The more your mental health is protected from onslaught of toxicity and people who drain your energy, the more your true happy self will start to show, without fear.


4. Don't blame yourself 

Things go wrong for everyone at some point. Trauma can cripple a person and this leads to setbacks, inability to do things. Sometimes you may feel, you are the problem. Others are doing better because they are better. Sometimes with trauma you would blame yourself for your problems. But never do that. Don't blame yourself. 

If you could manage, you would have managed. The pain just overwhelmed you. So please be empathic to your ownself, forgive self for past. You need to now focus on your present and believe, empathise with your own self. The more you do this, the more pain will heal, the more motivated you would be to do things that make you happier.


5. Start actions


Everyday push yourself to do things. Push yourself in the active zone, work even if it's hard, go out even if it feels lonely, work on your skills even if it feels impossible, start walking on the path of success, even if it's distant. Action mode takes away the mind's ability to endlessly think in a loop or process trauma. Action mode makes you happier. You feel accomplishment. The more you are in action mode, the more you are your best version.

Start today with the 5 strategies mentioned above.

You deserve to heal, to be your best version, to overcome hurt, to overcome trauma. You deserve to achieve. To be. To feel confident. To feel enough.

You deserve to feel proud of yourself.you 

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