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5 things that suggest you are harming yourself emotionally

IWill Expert

The worst pain in the world is mental pain. The worst pain is the pain of losing your life’s happiness, charm, dreams, and leading a life that is unrecognizable for you! 

Many times it’s our own issues, it’s our own lack of care for self that deepens our emotional hurt and mess! 


Here are the 5 top things that if you are engaging in display high emotional self-harm

1. Tolerating & emotionally engaging with toxic people, and those who are good one day and bad another 

Nothing breaks a person more than being with a toxic set of people. If someone attacks you, belittles you, treats you bad or good at will, isn’t stable towards their feelings for you, and if you continue to keep working to make them appreciate you, continue to mentally and emotionally give them space, let them hurt you emotionally, you are damaging yourself beyond imagination. The self-doubt, the hurt, the fatigue has the potential to break you a lot! Don’t think they will change! No matter how close they are to you, if they are toxic, you need to mentally heal, have boundaries and stop letting them hurt you! Don’t base your sense of self on their validation, approval, how they see you! Don’t be entangled with them emotionally to show them! 


2. Letting mental fatigue go unhealed and damage you more 

Sometimes people stop working, atop taking steps that can change their life, stop taking care of health. All of this because the past fatigue, the mental trauma, the not getting ahead in life in the past is all weighing down and making a person run away from what needs to be done! Rather than letting yourself drown and be broken forever, work on the mental fatigue. Seek therapy, speak to a psychologist. They are professionals and they can heal you! The stagnancy and fatigue have to end now! 


3. Engaging in negative self-talk

I won’t win, he doesn’t like me, they make fun of me, I am a loser, I am ugly, people must be talking about me, I have disappointed everyone! 

This kind of vocabulary for self is not at all needed. You don’t have to worry every time what others think of you. Past failures don’t mean any success in the present or future. You know your reasons, your full story, reasons why things happened. You cannot be judging yourself. The way you speak to yourself becomes your reality! 

You have to stop negative self-talk! And oftentimes the negative self-talk is a sign of depression. Seek therapy, get better, heal! But this needs to change and stop! 


4. Not speaking and sharing your pain 

Some people just don’t speak and stop sharing. No matter how hurt they are within, they don’t say anything. They all keep it in and this breaks them! 

It’s important to share! It’s important to listen!

5. Giving your emotional control to others 

You seek validation. You want attention. You want to love... all of this is a human need. But when this gets overboard and especially you start getting fearful of everyone, you want to please everyone no matter how toxic and selfish they are, you need validation from those who don’t appreciate you because of insecurity when it reaches this level, you are being controlled by others and that’s never ok... 

If you find yourself stuck in pain, with negative rhetoric in your head, broken dreams, and a lot of emotional pain, seek therapy at iwill. It heals

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