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5 tips to control thoughts and scenarios in mind that create intense anxiety 

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Some thoughts drain and create intense anxiety.

Thoughts of someone leaving you 

Thoughts that worst will happen

Thoughts or failure

Thoughts of poor health 

And there may be some reasons definitely that are happening in your life that makes these thoughts believable to you and this may cause unsettling anxiety, loop kind of thinking, even disturbed sleep and routine. These thoughts that are running back of your mind can be very draining.


Here are 5 ways you can curb these thoughts on your own


1. Focus on Here and now: Tell your mind even if this is going to happen, it's nor happening now. So why should you worry and break yourself now. If you can do something to change something do that or else if its just something that you think you have no control over, come back to it and if and when it may happen. Why live that moment even before it has arrived, several times. Why break yourself?

2. Talk to someone trusted: Speak your worst pain and fears out with someone who you trust, sharing it with them will make you feel less alone in this and also they may give a perspective that could significantly make you feel more calm and in control.

3. Observe thoughts with calmness: When these thoughts come, just observe them as someone who is not living in, no reaction, no emotion, just observe, it will help your mind come up with reasons that this may not be something you need to be so anxious for.

4. Work and action : The only thing that will make you away from the thoughts is both physical and mental action . It helps brain generate responses on things you are doing now and helps bring natural and sustained diversion from painful thoughts

5. Relaxation exercises: the control and exercises of breath, the Visualisation and deep muscle relaxation, all are known to significantly calm down the anxiety. Practicing these on a daily basis can be of great help.


Last but not the least, definitely take counseling and therapy..your therapist will help you focus on things that can change your life, day, Therapist will help you learn techniques that can help.you control how you feel and how you react to these automatic thoughts and help you face some of your fears and win over them.

Anxiety can break a person and make them feel vulnerable and totally on the edge, but the good thing is we can over come it, it's controllable and completely treatable.

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