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5 traits of people who act sweet to look nice but constantly hurt you

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1. They remind you of your weaknesses in a sweet tone and acting in ways that they mean well for you

I wished you had your own house.

The business still isn't successful, how I wished it was.

Oh did you get that promotion, you never spoke about it.

You know they are doing so well. They started only 3 years ago and have a home. You have had struggles

All they do in their time is sit and remind you of negative things about you, even on your good days.

2. Their close people hate you

Someone who is so sweet to you, why is that everyone who they are close to, dislikes you, never shows up at your functions, is always bitter to you. You don't even have anything directly with them. These guys, the messengers are the one who ruin your image because secretly this is what they want to do. You can sense it, these sweet acting people will even talk ya how unfair these other's behaviors are towards you but they are always hanging out together.

3. They cannot tolerate your praise 

They will not talk about it.

They will cut the discussion in the middle.

They will change the topic

They will run it down

They will say oh wow congratulations and in same breath go to some past failure of trauma of yours..

And they do make this switch all the time.

Yes they do. You see it. You wonder why, you wonder how they are capable of inflicting this pain on you. There is no answer. They are like that... May be not with everyone, but with you they are.

4. They always manipulate others against you but in ways that it doesn't even look wrong to the one being manipulated 

Don't go with her. She must be tired.

What will she do there. She knows no one.

Let him work. Your going there will disturb.

What you are doing, this display of love, others won't like it.

She does all this good but for her name, trust me I have seen her.

She could have come. Look now she isn't. She is like that. You can't trust her

They would say things as above and what it does, it manipulates the person on the other end but gives them false perception that it's well meaning or that they are right. When in reality they are trying to harm this person's image or even isolate them.

5. Their eyes and words never match and they are usually never there for you 

You know this. You have seen this..they say good things sometimes on your face but their eyes tell a different story.

They need you to be their in their average issues. But for you, you even in biggest mess or health issue, they are not there..even if they come it's usually a saga about their own self and how they feel. They never care for you.

Such people who act sweet, lead you to pain, bitterness, isolation and even frustration

When you draw boundaries from them, you still feel entangled because you know they would be spinning yarns about see how I told how how bad he or she is, to others and you can imagine that.

What you need is a detox, you need to heal, you need to cut off their toxicity. You need to stand up to the abuse, decouple of what they think, what their Kin and little gang thinks of you and make a space for you and yourself.

You need to end the manipulation they do to people who are important to you and therapy at IWill can help you in in all of this.

It's worst ro be around people who act so sweet on face and keep damaging you and usually these people are unavoidable because of their relationships with you, but you can protect yourself

Start IWill therapy today if you feel overwhelmed, and pained and completely because of their behavior and their manipulation

 It needs to end it's impact on you and end it will!

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