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5 ways to become resilient and how it helps

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Resilience is one of the most important qualities that we have and can further build as people. Resilience helps us fight back in the face of adversity, take things on if they are wrong, with rationality, taking care of self and enable going forward and bouncing back in life.

Here are the 5 strategies to adopt resilience in life when in face of adversity and otherwise 

1. Truly believe in powers of your positive actions

People around you, life's failures will tell you that you don't have power. That your actions cannot deliver results. But be reminded your action has possibilities. For building resilience, you need to believe in your actions. And always continue taking small steps, towards your goals.


2. Listen to your emotions 

Your emotions are your mind's voice. If you are tired, fatigued, depressed, not feeling treated well, then you need to look in, stop and see the thoughts, the people around, the toxicity and take the necessary steps to come out of this pain. Resilience isn't about suppressing your emotions, it's about listening to them and changing the things around and the thoughts, heal to stop these.


3. Build a support village 

You need friends who Value you. People who love you, are there to take care of you and be in touch irrespective of how things are, good or bad. The people who love you, believe in you, help you go through rough times, provide hope also help you become more resilient.


4. Practice mindfulness 

The art of being in the present moment, that is the moment you are in helps a lot towards resilience. Taking your mind away from past and the burden of future and focusing on what needs to be done in the moment, relaxing, working, just being helps with resilience 

5. Reflect. Heal traumas 

Traumas of the past hold you from the ability to carry on. Life usually always will have challenges and so to be able to be your best, believe in you, you must heal your past traumas. 


Therapy at IWill can help you undoing the pain, the guilt, the hopelessness that comes with the failures sometimes. It's important to overcome these as they weigh you down for reasons sometimes which weren't even in your control. 

Resilience is your ability to take on a challenge believing yourself, having a plan for your good and wellbeing and support of people who can get you through this. It is something we all need and people who acquire this ability make best lives for themselves and for people around.


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