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5 ways to keep going even when life is tough

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First as a disclaimer, seek help as there is no replacement of professional help by a therapist [you can consult iwill therapist online, from top right corner

1. Action oriented 

Results can go either ways and many times you will have a negative spree. It happens to the best of us and it is very overwhelming. Yet what is important to know is that if you stop actions, it will make things worse and cause more pain. So continue taking actions, pause, reflect on what isn't working, what more can be done but continue. Success will come only if you are trying.


2. Take care of your emotional health 

Action orientation doesn't mean you shouldn't take time off. Even without being in a tough time, one needs pauses, breaks, support, help, love, an ear to listen to feel good. When things are tough, this becomes a necessity.

Spend time with those who love you and can offer meaningful support without judging or trivializing how you feel.

Take time out for your self healing, whatever you like watching a movie, listening to a song, going out, travelling, despite this pain within you that stops you, do this as it will heal you 


3. Read and hear comeback stories 

This may sound cliche but it's highly motivating and effective to read how people you are inspired by have made come backs. These could be super successful people and there is usually a lot of books available about them or it could be someone you know and take some guidance from.

To know, it's definitely not the end of the road, to know this can be done is Incredibly helpful when life ain't going the way you had planned 


4. Remind yourself of your own resilient past 

You may have faced a tough time and overcame it. You may have overcome a really tough situation and despite all the pain, you focus on how you solved it, what all happened. It's good idea to write it all down as your own stories of Resilience are not just helpful now, they are in the future too.


5. Seek support 

No one can do it all alone. Ask for help. Ask for opportunities..talk to people. The best of the best in this world never stopped knocking doors to create pathways for them. Asking for an opportunity doesn't show you are weak. It shows you want to do something. Asking for support doesn't make you weak, it makes you human. Identify the people who can genuinely be your anchors and reach out to them 

Remember tough times are always outdone by tough people. Seek therapy, follow the path, never back down. There is always a future if you treat the present with dignity, belief and self respect 



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