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7 signs of a toxic relationship and why it's so difficult to get hurt. Why it hurts so much 

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Toxic relationships are ones that capture your mind, your emotions, your need to be loved and they never fulfill those desires of receiving love, of being cared for, of being valued and these two things never happen together, because the person on the other side is manipulative and unfortunately toxic and is wanting to build your dreams up and break all the expectations of love! 

So this is one painful, isolating, disturbing ride that makes the victim suffer a lot...

Here we first share the 7 signs of toxic relationship 

1. They will give you lot of attention, praise, love initially or may be in a relationship where you would be having expectations of them, but then suddenly out of the blue attack you, hurt you, say things that are painful and keep doing this cycle to ensure a lot of expectation and then damage.

2. They will ghost you in relationship. They will suddenly stop talking to you. And this may happen even if you are in the same house. You will wait and crave their attention, but they will long the gaps to ensure your mind is constantly on what they would be doing next.

3. Insulting you and being insecure of you. When something good happens with you then feeling threatened and suddenly insulting you and making you feel terrible for succeeding.

4. Always wanting you to feel less than them. Keeping an upper hand, not respecting your basic values and doing what they think is right even when it comes at your expense.

5. Measuring you and making you feel less than others, comparing you to others just to have power over you and doing that to make you feel less, feel empty.

6. Constantly trying to make you feel that you are not special, that they are better than you and diminishing your shine through their words.

7. Making it tough to leave, love bombing you suddenly and keeping you hooked and being unpredictable in their behavior, while still diminishing your self respect, never taking responsibility for their behavior.


Why is it tough and painful to cut off ties with them?

Their love bombing, their attention, their importance in life is such that it is something that makes mind crave for love, attention and when you don't get it, you feel dejected.


They significantly disrespect you while being close to you and then always cause gaps to make you want closure. You want them to accept their fault, apologise, give closure and it keeps you hooked to them.


Their coldness gets you. It makes you feel and want answers for was all so unreal and did you only mean this much to your partner or person who you loved.


What to do if you are in a toxic relationship?


Couple Therapy 

Sometimes toxic patterns can be a trauma response, misunderstanding created by someone else and also some deep seated issues that the person may be struggling with. If this is a relationship you want to work out or try once to see if things can change, couple Therapy at IWill is a great option.

Many times the toxic patterns are coning from unhealed trauma the person may have experienced and also Misunderstanding created due to distance and hurt. When these are resolved, things start showing to improve 


Most common and important solution 

But most important is if you heal yourself. You find to learn that you are valuable and that this toxic person, their value and labels on you wouldn't and shouldn't matter.

See how your life is being lost to this fictional love that is actually a trap. It's a shadow that usually you can't catch and while the pain is real, it's important to recognise this and heal, come out and find a way that helps you see a future that right now you can't, find a way to put your mind to away from this toxic trend. You deserve best in life not such half hearted relationship! 

Please seek IWill Therapy, find yourself. Therapy will help you put your mind away from the hurt they caused, give you closure and help you find the way to cut the toxic chains of this relationship.

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