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A depressed person is treated badly and that is the worst pain.

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You cry for attention.
You are always looking for negativity.
You don’t know how to be happy.
You drain me.
You pull me down.
I don’t want to talk to you. Since you always complain!
You please be alone. Don’t drown me.
You can’t see others happy.
You just don’t try enough.
You are never happy!
You do this to create drama or gain attention.
You enjoy pain...

This and more can and is said sometimes by loved ones or family to someone who is battling depression.

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that usually sets in because someone had to undergo extreme painful circumstances, a tough time, some organic or genetic reasons. No matter what the underlying concern causing depression, the bottom line is depression is a debilitating mood disorder.

And yet people further isolate their loved one with depression.

They are not “moody”, their moods are not in their control.
They are not attention seekers, they feel extremely lonely and isolated!
They are not always negative, positive experiences of life have left them!
They are not wanting to drown you, rather you need to stand with them and lift them up.
They are not harming anyone. They are most vulnerable.
They don’t want your anger. They need change, empathy from you if anything
They are not breaking you. They have been broken over and over again by pain.

They don’t need ignorance. They need therapy with a specialist psychologist to help them get past depression. They also need an understanding family member who can act as “co-therapist” from family and can help them overcome this tough phase.

We don’t treat our loved ones dealing with physical health issues with a lack of empathy. Depression is no different. It claims life and liveliness. It makes a person empty. 

Usually, the reason why this has happened is rooted somewhere in their life too, in situations, in people around... this needs attention. 

They need attention. 

Labels and pain make a person with depression feel worse and broken! 

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