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A man should stand up for the respect of his wife in his family!

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No mom it’s not ok to always think Sarika is wrong and doesn’t love everyone here. We all prioritize our work, we all want to win praises, we all want attention! Just because she too wants the same things, how does it make her bad! My wife is no less than me or anyone here and I request everyone to respect her space!

No Mona, she is not insensitive or selfish because she needs separate time with me. You too need with your friends and later when you have a spouse who you have dedicated your life to, you would understand and mom has always said how she never got privacy with papa when she got married and it’s still hurtful for her... I don’t want my wife to be judged when rules and emotions are different for everyone else!

If she is always attacked there, she is always asked questions that never get asked from me or when she is attacked for my being not there, it’s not fair on her! Either I will talk to everyone or let’s respect her decision to not go!

I don’t think if she shares her opinion, that makes her bad! It makes her family and a person who has a point of view! We all do!
By attacking her, isolating her, judging her treating her differently, or secondary, we all broke her. I too didn’t understand as a husband! She was in depression... the pain was unbearable for her.

She had to undergo therapy at iwill for 6 months... I joined couple therapy to understand her perspective and I could understand, I couldn’t give her a home... I just got married to her but didn’t take her responsibility!

I am a grown-up man and she is my wife... she is here because of me... she is an educated, happy person, she had the same hopes and she trusted me with them... while I just ignored as if she was not even my own!

Today I want to say I wish to at least stand up for her respect too.. and be the bridge between her and you, not a wall that blocks her happiness!

Aman Verma


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