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A working wife is needed but I got no rest even when back at home, no empathy

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It's a doctor's appointment. She should take the kids. That's what I said

But why only she? She has a job like you too and sometimes when it comes to kids health, a mother can get anxious too, jiving her husband accompany can bring in some rest and support. It doesn't have to be her responsibility.

Mom only expects her to cook one meal.

Yes when she comes at 7 pm from office or before leaving at 6 am. She is a hunan being too. Look at her falling health. It should be a team work. Some days you, some days her. Some days together...

She must have not said no to that social gathering

She denied because she had a meeting. How many have you skipped because of work? Would your boss be ok, if you go missing like that on your own work. If not, it's same for her.

She shouldn't bring stress of her work back at home 

Well you share with your loved one. Ideally you both should have that space where you can support, learn, grow with each other.

Stress is only stress until it's not addressed, once it is spoken, listened, felt, it makes it vanished. And one feels comforted.


She sends money to her family and my parents have a little bit of issue 

Her mother and father too worked very hard to support her education, her marriage, her life. Just like yours, it's only fair that she gets the same opportunity to take care of them as life has blessed her with the ability to.

Working woman needs rest too. She needs support too. She gets tired just like you, fear and stress like you.

And no the answer isn't quitting her work. That's not is fair. She has worked hard for it. The way out is being a team, a team that works together. Some days you lift more, others day she does.

Life will be worth it if you allow it to be.

I had tears when I was part of this session in couple therapy online over video at IWILL.

EVERYTHING that i always wanted to say. Went through, said with so much clarity, no offense and no judgement.

Finally my husband was listening and learning to see why was I so resentful, so much in pain, so hurt and so fatigued mentally and physically 

Therapy is still underway has helped me a lot, helped our relationship improve for a lot better.

I know that many women will resonate with my story. Tired, upset, feeling like life is unfair and that's why it's important to stand up, to seek help, get couple therapy but not suffer, break and destroy your mental and physical health in silence.


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