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Abuse from in-laws destroyed my life. But everyone is shocked to see me today!

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I don’t let anyone make me teary or lower my self-esteem!
I don’t allow people to come between me and my needs to be independent, to smile, to have and make my own decisions, to feel alive!
I work, earn, dress up, laugh, take care of my parents, provide financial security, be confident.
I don’t allow people to taunt me, make me feel miserable or attack me , or lower my confidence in me!

I am fully transformed as a person.

Confident and not a crying mess!
Assertive and not a weak person,  taking attacks!
Safe rather than a lonely person who was scared to be left alone or be unloved!

Secure rather than unsecured and worried!

Feeling complete rather than unloved and isolated...


But I wasn’t Always like this... in-fact 10 years of painful abuse, isolation, treating me secondary, husband ignoring me for family had taken toll on me! 


I was so unsure of my self, I felt really unlucky, I felt exhausted and I felt completely unloved. Through the years, I started doubting every aspect of my life, everything about it. 


I was clinically in depression and in life stuck. My environment was abusive and I didn't feel any love or affection. I joined IWill therapy in the peak of my depression and here is where I learned what my real worth was. 

The therapist helped me see myself more than someone's daughter, wife, daughter-in-law. She helped me see my identity as myself. I learned to assert boundaries, love myself, stand up for my needs, stop the abuse, stop others from treating me like garbage, stop being scared to the point of losing myself


Today I have a career, I be with my parents, take care of my dreams and aspirations! 

Everyone is shocked on how this crying mess, who they could make insecure anytime, has now become a force! 

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