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All my health issues were happening because of mental trauma. For me the connection was real

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I was living in a highly toxic situation.

My husband was fine but his family didn't like ne much. And they had joint business and work. So he was dependent on them and he also was blinded by emotions for them. This would mean that I had no escape. I would be open to attacks, I would be open to all sorts of sarcasms, silent treatment and a general feeling of being disliked and unwanted.

Any person who would come as a relative too would also be so cold towards me. This 24 7 being in a home loved less, made to feel like an outsider broke me and broke my emotions.

And I had no job at this point. This situation was making me further away from pursuing or chasing any goals and just continue what I wanted to do. I missed my friends but I wanted my husband to fix the abuse for me. I would cry to him and he won't listen.


I felt financially dependent. I felt broken. Everyday these events were breaking my confidence.


And 6 months of being in this situation, I started having health flare ups. Many times stomach issues. Many times issues of headaches, eye strain, more infections. And I had never been this unwell.


I didn't feel like eating anymore now and I lost so much weight. They did tons of tests on me and all would come clean.

 And yet I had problems

Then my hemoglobin levels started slipping away. This feeling of being unwell would always be there and one thing would come after another, and I wouldn't want to go out. And I would just be unhappier, more unwell, more wanting to run away, more scared for my life and health.


As this was going on, I saw an article by IWill on exactly a woman who was going through same mental health trauma and she had a transformation of her mind with therapy. 


I thought atleast I should consult for my emotions and I Did

 First she helped me just listen to all that was happening and listen to all the hurt and later she helped me see how I needed to assert for myself, how I needed to not be scared, not be only looking at myself from the current lens. 

How many people outside actually loved me and even if because of circumstances of these last 6-7 years, I have mostly seen failures and mostly seen people who eventually don't like me because I can't be myself, these people or this time, shouldn't define me.

She helped me break free from my pain. She gave me confidence to stand for self, to do what is needed, to ensure that I assert, when something bad is sad I process and say to the person it's not ok and then she helped me learn how to not keep all of this in my head.


Therapy at IWill helped me become stronger and more powerful. And be more ready for myself.. I started going out and I asserted and I worked on myself, more out than in..more with friends and my happiness and eventually I started seeing my health becoming better too. It wasn't overnight but the more my mental tensions would be controlled, the more my health became in control.

I started seeing my health improve. I started seeing my happiness get better. I started noticing my husband changing.

The stronger I was, weaker every assault on me was.

The stronger I was, weaker the noise of the pain was.

The stronger I was, weaker the impact on my health was.

The stronger I was, weaker everything against me got.

The stronger I was, weaker the world became.


I am glad therapy helped me so much not just in healing my body, but giving me my confidence, power and happiness and everything back.

Health issues can sometimes by a result of direct mental trauma. And together they take a hold on you! 


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