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Anxiety disorder is not just some random fear! It freezes and cripples a person

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Having an Anxiety Disorder is different from simple fear

Many people think anxiety disorder is just about being fearful, being scared of things and so the assumption that it can be easily controlled!

Anxiety in reality is a serious mental health issue that leads a person with very unhelpful and worrisome thoughts and beliefs, crippling emotions, the constant cycle of worry, the panic that leads to frozen or tough behaviors, and a lot of physical symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, stomach issues, sweating, pain, twitching, etc.

And it’s a vicious cycle, it’s not one thing that is making a person fears that if away from it, fear would be controlled. It’s a pattern where anything can become that trigger of fear so the more a person tries to avoid the trigger of fear, the more things he/she loses out on, and more fear triggers set in, setting a loop of being in a constant state of alarm with or without reason.

Anxiety disorder sets in due to one or more of the following reasons
1. Traumatic events that lead to changes in how we process, act, and feel about situations, the future, and things happening around us.
2. Anxiety disorder running the family
3. Body hormonal changes during specific phases
4. Health issues caused
5. Due to a sudden mishap or negative incident

What makes Anxiety Disorder so tough?

1. Very repetitive and continuing fearful thoughts about self and situation
2. Restlessness and discomfort with or without reason, so much so that it almost cripples and the person feels like they have been running a race and getting depleted and exhausted and they can’t stop
3. Physical sensations and symptoms
4. Avoidance behavior, compromising or accepting bad behavior to avoid negative a outcomes, becoming submissive
5. Reassurance-seeking behavior: always asking and checking with others whether fears are going to come true or not, repetitively checking if fears have turned real.
6. Losing out on goals, missing, things, letting go of opportunities due to fear of losing, missing on health goals, personal milestones, saying the right thing all out of fear.

Anxiety disorder management

Therapy at IWill
Anxiety disorder needs systematic therapy sessions with a psychologist who can help first identify all the triggers for a person’s anxiety, then enable the person to understand the association their mind has made over a period of time, the beliefs and then systematically help bring changes to these associations, with more realistic assumptions, beliefs, and thoughts.

The therapist also systematically helps the user to share all the pain and traumas, In a structured guided reflection so that unsaid things, unhealed traumas that have become the bedrock of this anxiety can be brought out.

Therapist enables changes in actions, systematic small changes that bring in huge change when it comes to our mind. 

The therapist also enables sharing everything that may be sustaining anxiety in the back of the mind. The ability to say everything that causes internal turmoil enables healing from within

Along with therapy, also needed is self-work.
When you feel anxious, don’t take it as a given, something that can’t be changed!
Focus on why you are anxious, and what can you do to ease it? Can you distract? Can you deep breathe? Can you delay worrying about your trigger to a different time? Can you challenge your thoughts or how you are assuming things? Can you write and journal good things that happened? Can you focus on aspects that make you happy and believe? All these small steps will make a huge difference along with therapy!

Remember it’s not you, the worry, the painful cycle all is being fueled by an anxiety disorder. And this can be managed, controlled! Don’t stop believing in yourself. Don’t stop trying.

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