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Anxiety made my life locked in fear! I learned to overcome worrying patterns!

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I won’t apply. I will be rejected!
I have a tumor! I won’t go for a health test!
My mom will have something too serious! I will be left alone!
My partner is definitely abandoning me! He doesn’t want to be with me!
She spoke to me like this. She is plotting against me!
My boss didn’t reply to my mail. He will fire me!
This was me, all the time in all situations

Fear, worry, and negative outcomes were like my first response! I could see them breaking me, I wanted to run away from them yet no matter what I tried, the anxiety responses, anxiety and fear is what I would be creating!

I was tired of myself! I was tired of fear! I was tired of passing years and years! I had lost happiness! I had lost peace! I was always restless!

I knew I needed to get rid of this fear, this heartbreaking anxiety. I had lost too much, too many happy moments, too many opportunities to this fear!

My fault was I never took it for what it was! It was a disorder!

Anxiety is a mental health disorder!

The reason it develops can be many, real traumas, incidents, patterns of family, genetics and so on! But once it sets in, it’s a disorder that needs to be treated!

Because it tries to create trauma where there is none! It forces one to see things with the same tainted glass of fear and make life look impossible!

I joined IWill therapy and worked on my anxiety patterns! I learned to recognize them, challenge them, think differently about my life, about myself! I learned how to gain trust, how not to be always thinking negative outcomes when uncertainty or lack of clarity is there! I learned to put my mind at rest, to believe, to take leap of faith, to have hope, to believe I would be fine, I would have happiness!
I learned how to get comfortable with anxiety issues!!

I learned to remove those trauma blindspots and stored hurt, and also reconnect with good things that happened in my life too,  and how I too helped shape them!

I learned my own role in my life!

My actions, my beliefs will inlfluence what was happening to me and so I learned to be more considerate and responsible towards me!

Therapy helped me Overcome this automatic filter of anxiety!
I don’t have active health anxiety anymore!
I am excelling in my job and more proactive as I know I will do fine and I don’t procrastinate out of fear
I am comfortable in personal life too where I am not stricken by fear of abandonment
I am glad I am past anxiety issues and not any longer did I hang by the cliff of fear and worry!

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