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As a woman, I thought women would support me, but they attacked me most & my mental health


These are only my experiences but I wanted to share them!

When I got married, I thought his sister will understand me the most, she will be my friend.
Instead what she did was, she would make me feel like I am less in the home, comparing me to some random bhabhi, saying things about how big her family was, telling me that I needed to do more. I felt so targeted by her, so judged by her!

Mother of my husband, I thought would be like my mother. She would take care of me, love me, be the anchor I need in this home!

Instead, she got so against me. I don’t know if it was insecurity or inability to see how much I loved my husband, I was isolated. I was always stopped from doing things, criticised on my personality. She would make sure that my husband isolated me, he talked less. There was always a comparison, always bitterness, always a need for me to show less.

This was true for women in my husband’s family, other than mummy and sister too. Everyone attacked me, asked me to do things that were humiliating, said things that were isolating, made me feel I was a victim of jealousy, curbed my freedom!

I was in such bitter pain, such restlessness, such pressure and I almost felt like choking death day in and day out.

I was in therapy with IWill for the longest possible time. I was in such trauma, such hurt, such attacks that I was breaking each day...

The therapist at IWill empathized with me so much. She did not discredit my hurt. She didn’t label it as another family drama. She helped me stand to the bullies, ask my husband to see what was happening, support me in my hurt. She helped me get assertive and come out from being the weak person I had become, the person who would take bullying!

No one should have had the power to break me! Any relationship was not bigger than me...my self-esteem! I connected back to myself, to my need to be, to my need to be stronger!

IWill Helped me a lot... it helped me survive the phase... it helped me get out of this shock and pain...

I don’t know why but I felt like pointing out how it hurts more to be treated badly by women when women make women look weaker. When they show them how they are less than men just to gain an upper point, when they belittle them for that...and make a woman’s life hell! I wanted to share how it’s not right! How it’s painful and how it happened with me!


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