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As an emotional fool, I was there for everyone! But I was left alone in my tough time

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I suffered emotional trauma as I always was there for others, while no one cared for me!

You need help; don’t worry I am here to talk!
No worries I will do this for you!
come and stay with me. This is your home!
You are not well. No problem. Take your time.

This was me for people I thought genuinely would be there for me.. my sibling, my in-laws, my husband I was there for everyone!

I was too emotional even at workplace... people would take advantage of me.. even my subordinates...

And then came a phase where things went wrong for me... being an emotional fool , I never kept my self at centre.. I faced at career, faced at home and was going through deep emotional pain...

This was the time I needed everyone’s support.

But some bagged me.. some blamed me.. people said I was annoying them. They isolated me... they said I am an emotional drain...: sadly no one was there for me...

Everyone was upset as I wasn’t available now to do their things. No one saw my pain, no one saw my emotional void, what I had been through... everyone just blamed me, hurt me more...

This put me in an even deeper depression! I joined iwill therapy...

The thoughts and beliefs I had was
“All was over”
“Everyone hates me”
“I am lonely and it’s my fault”
“My insult that has happened will never change”
“I felt like I was so stupid and that now nothing in life could work for me. As I was a fool”

The therapist at Iwill listened to me, she understood how and why things went wrong... she helped me see how I wasn’t wrong... the problem was I never put myself first!

When people were happy with me, it was because I was putting their needs before mine... it was always a one-sided relationship and I let it design that way...

That I never gave thought on or understood what’s right for me...

And so things went wrong and others only expected me to be there for them... I had made them and given them this power!

She helped me refocus on things that I needed to do for myself...how now I had to think first of making my life happy... she helped me assert, stand up to this attack on me and not be an emotionally weak, atleast not in front of people so that they could take advantage of me!

Today my work is really good! I really focus on my growth... setbacks I had, with a clear mind I have sorted them out... I am also assertive And respectful of self!


I am there for everyone but not at the expense of myself! I will not be an emotional fool who can be guilt-tripped 

into being damaged and being attacked for small human misses or some need to exist on my own 

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