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As in-laws, we have stood by our daughter in law against our own son

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In the court standing up for your daughter in law against your own son and taking her side, was most unthinkable for anyone including us.

I and my wife supported our daughter in law in front of the world.

It wasn't easy to speak, to stand against your own son who you have loved more than anyone since the beginning.

But we did this because he was wrong, and our daughter in law had suffered a lot. And we wanted to not let her suffering go unnoticed.


Our son and daughter in law got married 3 years ago on 12 th July 2019. Ever since then, our daughter in law had tried to make this relationship work, but our son, he always belittled her, he would ignore her, was always angry or toxic with her, we would stop but he would not listen to us too.

Our daughter in law would always be scared because he would just lash out at her, get angry, slam doors. He always had a temper issue and we had faced many challenges because of it, but his behavior with our daughter in law had been the worst.

She had to do everything, he never supported. 

She would say something and he would lash out.

He was out with his friends never at home for her.

He would insult, belittle her and treated very poorly.

Somewhere I felt we had failed as parents... 

Our daughter in law was in depression.. She was totally isolated and also humiliated, she was scared and traumatized. She started getting better with IWill therapy Sessions and she started working and remaining a little happy, but my son would even further discourage her, be so unsupportive and even angry with her that she was trying to make her mark.

After struggling for more than 2 years with indifference, anger, dominance and insult, our daughter in law decided that she wanted to part ways and we were with her in that decision but when our son, made false accusations on her character, on what she did and tried to pin the blame.and shame on Priya, we knew we had to do the right thing, not fearing what would people say, not fearing how our son will take it, we were risking so many things for this.

We knew he may never talk to us post this but we wanted to do the right thing.

Everyone told us that we were doing wrong and that her family is defending her, why are we isolating our son, but to me and my wife, we had seen Priya's suffering and that child's respect and truth was most important to us

Priya and our son got legally separated and our son lost the case. We don't have any regrets. We stood for the child who was right and set an example for parents on both sides, to support him or her, if they are right, not because they are your kids.

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