IWill 2022-07-25 01:24 - 2 minute read

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As moms, we easily accept our sons-in-law but not daughters-in-law. This is wrong & must change 


When it comes to our son in law, we treat them as our own and even better.

We make them feel comfortable, also do everything they like to make them feel that we understand, value and cherish them.

Their routines are not only acceptable to us, we go at great lengths to make them feel that it's respected by us.

When they love or share good bond with our daughter or do something for her, we feel so happy.


We try and overlook things that we don't like about them too, because we want to focus on good things, on making it a pleasant experience for them.

But when it comes to our daughter in laws, ironically daughters who are emotionally more connected and sensitive, when they come to us, what do we do?

We often don't accept them. 

We stop them at every single point. We mentally don't accept them.

We don't make them feel special. We don't see they are new to this environment, rather we get sarcastic, sometimes even highly toxic with them.

We magnify small things that we don't like about them.

Forget doing things they like, we try and make them feel they are just wrong for who they are.

We want them to change their personalities, their small mistakes make us feel like our son's have made the wrong choice.

And their love and time with our son many times makes us feel insecure. It makes us anxious and upset!

Both are children for us, both are now family, yes one will live more with us but that should be a reason to love her more.

Daughters-in-law fall into depression because they don't get love, and don't get the respect a family member should.

It's high time we bring this change, high time we understand that this partiality and discrimination is breaking our families, our children, our daughters, and our sons too who feel torn.

If we can accept, and respect our son-in-law, we can do the same for our daughters-in-law too.

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