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As mother I say, break the marriage but don't dare break my daughter again

Sujata Mehta

As a mother of a daughter,  her happiness & respect is bigger than marriage or any other relationship. My daughter had been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety since her marriage. This was because of the outright ignorance that she faced there.

2 months ago, I went to my daughter's post-marriage home there and spoke to her family for my daughter.

People labeled me that homes will break with my attitude. And I said let me be a bad mother by your standard.  But nothing would be worse than to be ok with my daughter’s abuse and normalizing it.

I am accused of being a home breaker! But I would chose it 100 times again.
Breaking the home is better than breaking my daughter.


Why did this happen?

I got to know about what she was facing, only 2 months ago when she called me and shared what was going on.

Her husband stopped spending time with her because his family felt it was giving them less importance. No matter what my daughter did, this ignorance only increased.

There would be fights and she would be hungry all night, sitting in the balcony and her husband never would come to check on her. And then would say it was her who was responsible for her own self.

She would have people who would constantly tell her what she needs to do, constantly tell her how what she did was wrong and where she lacked.
She would be always made to feel like everyone has a divine right over her and she is there just to serve.

Every morning she woke up with a dream that things would change, she would try sharing love, saying but she would meet the same fate.

She started having panic attacks, a complete lack of control and helplessness had pushed her to edge where she had stopped living... she was only crying, in pain, upset, completely helpless and feeling like she had lost everything...

When she called and told me all this, the next sentence I said was, I am coming.

I had never seen her so helpless, so disrespected, so hurt.

She is at her home (that is us) and taking intensive sessions with IWill Therapy, getting past her anxiety step by step, good things have started to happen to her, with her job, with love at home, with respect from friends and she is getting better day by day.

She still gets into that zone of complete trauma and helplessness and feels pointless of what all has happened in her life... but I am there to support her and wouldn’t stop until I get my chirpy, confident, happy daughter back. And I am glad therapy is there to heal parts of her that looked otherwise completely gone.

Nothing above my daughter for me, no society, no marriage, no one at all!

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