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Bad people kept getting happier. I lost all Hope. I suffered a lot but not anymore



I am sure we all have heard that do good, and good comes back to you!
That those who do bad to you, karma settles score with them.

But nothing like that was happening to me!

I was a confident person, always happy, helping others!
This was taken advantage of at my work place. I wasn’t given the due credit nor appraisals. The ones who would quarrel will get all the attention and opportunities! Nobody liked them but they were much more successful than me!

Then I got married. I was really always like I am not good enough, I have problems. My smile, my love all was a problem! Everyone around who would be bullying me, would make me feel like I am less, everyone respected them, listened to them, they were happy when I was hurting! They were happy when I was lost!

My work kept getting worse because I was scared, afraid, now undercondident! I was unhappy at home, lost, hopeless. Everyone looked to have a better life than me! The bullies were getting promotions and all the attention at home!

Where was good karma? I was just in pain, health issues started too! My family started having issues too! It was all at once and I hadn’t been more unhappy, more insecure, more ashamed to be myself!

I joined IWill therapy when I read a Facebook blog. In therapy, my therapist helped me see that I wasn’t being assertive, that I had to change this weak side to my personality! Being good doesn’t mean, being weak and tolerating and not speaking up. Being friendly doesn’t mean, not being honest about the problems one is facing!

She also helped me focus on myself, my growth, my happiness. Being with people who understood me, could bring me happiness!

And yes I started asserting, speaking up, not measuring my self-worth basis others, working hard and not crying, trying to win, and not giving up, I started seeing changes! Yes, people would still pull me down,  things would still get ugly from their side but I stood up to it!

Today I am happier! I don’t take anyone’s abuse! I speak up and ask for help, ask for change! I don’t let anyone corner or measure my worth! And I am being paid well for this karma!

If you are stuck with bullies, seek help! You need strength to fight! They won’t stop on their own! And you don’t want to break yourself for them!


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