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Best is to isolate yourself from toxic people

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I am sorry, I won’t be going there now as frequently. I just can’t. I am not going to be available to be treated in any way possible!

I am not ok with the way you speak to me. Surely in your eyes, I may be wrong... but I don’t think that’s how I see or want to see myself. So please don’t talk to me in this way!

No, I don’t want to keep that active connection with a person who has been always belittling me, treated me poorly, has tried to keep me isolated from love!

This was me, having the power and courage to mentally as well as practically create distance from a toxic person in my life who had tried to ruin my happiness in every possible way.

IWill therapy really helped me heal, assert in the right way, find conviction and safeguard myself from the toxicity!

You too need to do the same because
Toxic people don’t change, toxic people don’t stop hurting you. They don’t start admiring you.

They don’t have the empathy needed to understand that hurting someone for pleasure is not good! They can’t stop manipulating because they can’t stop being jealous!

They can’t allow you to be yourself because they love bullying and control.
They won’t stop attacking you because they have no self-confidence otherwise. Breaking you and putting you down is the only way for them.

It’s clear why a toxic person will want to inflict pain on you. It gives them sadistic pleasure, it makes them feel in charge. It breaks you and gives them power. It keeps you isolated, broken, and even angry and frustrated, which in turn makes painting you “as a problem”, easier!

But what should also be clear is that clearly they are breaking you and your mental health, they are making you unstable and also bringing in a lot of confusion in you!

And you don’t need them in your life!

Seek therapy at IWill if avoiding a toxic person is otherwise difficult.

It’s important that you first heal from the scars of their abuse mentally.
Second, you are able to mentally draw a boundary from them, create a corner in your mind for them, where you see their behaviors purely as a reflection of who they are, as opposed to being anything about you.

Third, people around in therapy can see through this toxic person. Even if the people around you chose not to be in therapy, in therapy you learn the right way to communicate what all is going on with you and helping others see the toxic side of person/people hurting

Thats what I did and i am happy! I don't get anxiety attacks, self doubt anymore... 

It’s needed that you isolate yourself from their hurt. It’s important that you assert and show them that it’s not ok for them to treat you in any way they want!  It’s essential that you break free from their control, 


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