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Breaking a vicious cycle may sometimes need you to accept it didn't work and start all over again. It's absolutely OK

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Vicious cycle is a negative series of events that build on and reinforce each other. 

Sometimes a person finds themselves in a loop of pain and unable to come out of the loop of pain.

Like for example, when someone gets married in a toxic relationship, the ignorance, the hurt, the isolation continues. Sometimes it doesn't change at all. This may lead to health issues, work decline, happiness decline and these issues may further strain everything the person has or is.

Sometimes career decisions may lead to One Setback after the another.

Debt issues may continue getting worse. 

And when such vicious cycle situations play out, the more a person tries to improve things and situations he/she is in, the more they get worse. 

Vicious cycles can break a person.

They impact a person's sense of self and world.

They impact a person's self esteem.

They impact a person's sense of what to expect in life.

It takes the pleasure away from a person. 

And it makes a person prone to depression and anxiety.

When in vicious cycles, one must do the following things to break free.

1.Start therapy immediately to heal broken emotions and get a perspective that is unbiased and complete from an outside perspective. It goes a long way in healing.

2. You must think of changing aspects of your vicious cycle, of breaking free from the pattern and start afresh. Yes it can be scary and can look like a personal failure. But in reality it's not, there is no personal failure, it's just life's way of telling you, you may need to change direction. 

If you can't change someone toxic, it is good for you to create a healthy distance. 

If you can't make headway with debt, it may be a good idea to do something fundamentally different to overcome.

3. When starting from somewhere again, you need 3 things. You need confidence that you can do this, you need not have self pity or guilt that you failed earlier, you didn't fail, you are only starting a new journey. 

4. You need to surround yourself with positive people. The ones who can hold you when you make this shift. The ones who can help you heal.

To break the vicious ycle of pain, sometimes you need to pause, even make a fresh start and sometimes you need to continue on the same path too but then you need a lot of extra effort to change or accelerate the process. 

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