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Daddy's girl or Mama's boy shouldn't be brought in marriages. Don't put a woman or many in trauma by treating them less

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So many couples are in couple therapy because they are not able to understand what their role is as a husband and wife

As husband and wife you are married to each other.

You are responsible for each other's wellbeing. You are responsible for each other's care, making you feel valued. You need to treat each Other special.

Their should Ideally be less or no comparisons of your spouse with your mother or father.

The worst is to ignore your spouse to show nothing between you and your parents have changed.

The worst is to make them feel ignored, Secondary, unheard and even attacked sometimes to show that you care for your parents. That is not love for parents.

That's abuse for spouse. 

As a matured adult you are capable of having the strength to love your partner, treat them with the love, affection, attention they deserve without having to ignore your parents.

But doing it the opposite way, letting a person who chose you as a companion to be felt like they mean nothing is really worst emotional abuse and yet so many people do it.

There is no need to ignore your spouse to be a family person.

There is no need to bring your spouse down and compare them with your parent.

It not just affects the relationship, it affects mental health, it breaks heart and trust and many times puts the other person in shell, in depression.

It's not ok for you to not talk to your wife. to show that you still care for your parents. Why did you marry her in the first place? She was happy somewhere and you broke it.

It'snot ok for you to ignore her or him and remind them of how they are less in anyway to your parents. They are your companions.

Being a loving son or daughter is great. But this relationship should not hinder your ability to provide love, security, honour and respect to the family you are becoming a part of.

You are an adult and you can manage all your relationships.

But the one relationship that you chose for yourself is that of your spouse.

You can't just manage it, you have to let it thrive and thrive in it, offer security and happiness.

Being a daddy's girl or a Mama's boy is not same as loving parents. It's more about devaluing, replacing your spouse and never giving them the space, the heart they deserve. 

In IWill therapy many times we help couples to trust each other, to bring wellbeing to each other, to understand how its not insulting to other to give time to your own spouse. It is basic but so many families, emotions and mental health break because of it.

If you are going through this, seek help at IWill. The emotional pain and abuse of being denied one's couple place in life is not ok...

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